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  • CNBC Markets noted that Google reportedly pays entry-level engineers around $189,000 in total compensation.
  • Business Insider spoke with four engineers who currently work or have worked at major tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Netflix for their best advice for nailing the interview.
  • They advised doing your research before walking through the door and preparing to answer questions about your soft and hard skills.
  • They also provided two sample questions you may get asked in an interview.

Tech companies continue to grow increasingly attractive to job seekers because of their competitive salaries, fantastic employee benefit programs, and fun perks. 

In 2012, a list compiled by Glassdoor showed that software engineers at most tech companies, including Google, earned just over $100,000 a year on average. Since then, the salary offerings have only increased, with Google reportedly paying entry-level engineers around $189,000 in total compensation, or about $124,000 in salary and $43,000 in stock, according to CNBC Markets. 

With that said, it should come as no surprise that getting hired at one of these top-rated tech companies is no easy feat. But if you have managed to get beyond the first hurdle and landed yourself an interview at the company of your dreams, then you’ll need to be prepared for what comes next. 

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