• It’s normal for celebrities to have passionate fans.
  • But it’s not normal for those fans to send them a severed ear or breast implant.
  • Here are 10 stories of the wildest things hardcore fans have done for celebrities.
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Plenty of fans totally freak out when they see their favorite celebrity, have beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) tribute tattoos, or have seen them thousands of times in concert. But there are some who go way too far.

These are the weirdest and wildest, the most strange and unusual stories of fans who have overstepped boundaries with celebrities – according to the celebrities themselves.

Dolly Parton found a newborn baby named Jolene on her doorstep.

Foto: Dolly Parton.sourceGetty

In a strange tribute, Dolly Parton said she opened her door to find a newborn baby named Jolene addressed to her with a note saying the baby had been given away by her “momma” to be looked after by Parton. The country star called the Department of Health and Human Services and cared for the baby until they arrived.

John Boyega received nipple covers with his face on them.

Foto: John Boyega.sourceFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BAFTA LA

A harmless, but wild package in the mail for “Star Wars” and “Detroit” star John Boyega contained nipple covers, or pasties, with his face printed on them, to promote the artist’s start-up.

A fan sent Jared Leto their severed ear.

Foto: Jared Leto.sourceChris Jackson/Getty Images

Perhaps modeled after Van Gogh, in 2013, Leto said a fan sent him a severed ear. "The note just said, 'are you listening?' I never knew who it was, who's missing their ear out there. I poked a hole in it and wore it as a necklace!"

An Emma Stone fan recreated a "La La Land" number to ask her to prom.

Foto: Emma Stone.sourceEvan Agostini/AP Images

17-year-old Jacob Staudenmaier, from Arizona, recreated the "La La Land" number "Another Day of Sun," with personalized lyrics asking the actress to be his prom date.

Stone did send him a letter, thanking him for the video, but declining the invitation, as she would be working abroad in London at the time.

Will Forte was applauded for his SNL work at the worst time.

Foto: Will Forte.sourcePhoto by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

During a Reddit AMA, when asked about his weirdest fan encounter, Forte responded, "Naked guy in the shower asking if I was the guy from SNL and making a point of pointing his penis in my direction as he asked. He really jutted it out there."

A fan insisted Matt Smith looked like a hedgehog before she kissed him.

Foto: Matt Smith.sourceEvan Agostini/Invision/AP

"Doctor Who" and "The Crown" actor Matt Smith said he was accosted by a fan who held up a picture of her pet hedgehog, insisted that he was an exact replica of it, and then kissed him before security could intervene.

A fan gave the Jonas Brothers a dead shark in 2009.

Foto: The Jonas Brothers.sourceKevin Winter/Getty Images

At the height of their first swell of popularity, Joe Jonas told Digital Spy, "The craziest thing we've ever been given is definitely a dead shark." Nick Jonas elaborated, "It wasn't a real big shark though. It was only a baby shark but they'd preserved it in this tube for us. That was odd. They didn't even leave a note explaining. It was just, 'Here's a dead shark.'"

"We're still trying to figure out how they actually went about buying a dead shark," said Kevin Jonas. "I mean, is there such website as Buyadeadshark.com?"

When Jessie J broke her foot in 2011, a copycat broke her own to be just like the singer.

Foto: sourceChris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images

After Jessie J broke her foot while rehearsing for a performance, she said she received messages from a teenage fan who decided to do the same.

The fan got Jesse's personal information and sent her photos of the injured leg along with messages saying "'I will do anything to be just like you," Jesse told The Sun.

Norman Reedus was sent a silicone breast implant to cheer him up.

Foto: sourceCharles Sykes/Invision/AP

"The Walking Dead" actor Reedus told GQ in 2014 that a woman sent him the implant because she thought he could use some cheering up.

"She said she read an interview and I sounded depressed," he said. "I wasn't. I think I just came off that way." Reedus uses it as a phone cradle in his trailer.

A woman changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West to impress the rapper.

Foto: Kanye West.sourceGetty

In 2012, Kanye West superfan Linda Resa changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West. The fan already had tattoos the artist on her arm and derrière, but wanted a more extreme way to get his attention.