• As the 2024 race heats up, Trump is getting support from a variety of billionaires.
  • Some are true believers, while others backed Trump’s GOP rivals before coming around to him.
  • Here are some of the billionaires who are contributing to Trump this year.

As former President Donald Trump seeks a second term in the White House, he’s increasingly turning to billionaires to power his campaign.

Some of them are longtime associates and supporters — true believers who know the former president from his days in the business world.

Others may be relative newcomers, such as long-time GOP megadonors who backed his 2016 or 2024 rivals.

One of Trump's billionaire supporters is North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, the former software mogul who sought the GOP nomination in 2024 and is now in contention to be VP.

"If you're a billionaire and you care about your shareholders, you care about your family, you care about your grandkids, you should be voting for someone that's going to bring prosperity to America and peace to the world," Burgum said on Fox News in April.

Here's an extensive — though not exhaustive — list of some of the billionaires who are contributing to Trump's 2024 campaign, including to his "Trump 47" joint fundraising committee, which splits proceeds between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

These are the most important billionaires backing Trump’s 2024 campaign

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