• Fred Guttenberg lost his daughter in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in 2019. 
  • "They fucking failed our kids again," Guttenberg said in reaction to the Uvalde shooting. 
  • Guttenberg also called on Sen. Ted Cruz: "You be the Republican who says 'I've had enough.'"

Fred Guttenberg, the father of Parkland school shooting victim, reacted to the Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 people – 18 of whom were children – were killed on Tuesday.

"They fucking failed our kids again," Guttenberg, who lost his daughter Jaime Guttenberg in 2019, said in an MSNBC interview. "Okay, I'm done. I've had it. You know? How many more times?"


"And we're going to sit back," Guttenberg said. "I'm going to listen to that Governor of Texas talk about why he pushed to fight laws and for laws in Texas that made it easier for the guns to be had by those who want to kill? How many more times? I don't I mean, I'm sorry. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say."

Guttenberg also said elected representatives like Senator Ted Cruz should respond to the tragedy by working on gun laws. 

"I am begging Senator Cruz, I sat with you in your office two years or so ago. I listened to your nonsense. I listened to your BS. I listened to you explain to me why you thought we didn't need the bare minimum of effective background checks," Guttenberg said.

"March into Senator [Chris] Murphy's office right now tonight, and you be the Republican who says 'I've had enough' because if you don't get your ass out of office, you don't belong there. I'm sorry."

Cruz responded to a CNN reporter after the shooting, saying that gun laws were not "effective" and don't "prevent crime."

"Inevitably when there's a murderer of this kind, you see politicians try to politicize it, you see Democrats and a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens," Cruz said. "That doesn't work."


Cruz also tweeted after the shooting, calling Tuesday a "dark day."


Guttenberg reacted on Twitter earlier in the day, saying "I am speechless."


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