In 2022, connected TV (CTV) will account for more than one-fifth of total programmatic video ad spending for the first time, as well as one-tenth of total programmatic digital display. 

YouTube inflates our programmatic CTV numbers. We forecast that three-fourths of US CTV display ad spending will transact programmatically in 2022. Part of the reason our programmatic CTV forecast is so high is because we include YouTube in our CTV definition, and nearly all of YouTube's advertising is sold through automation. 

YouTube's gross CTV ad revenues will account for 43.6% of our programmatic CTV ad forecast in 2022, down from 54.6% in 2020. YouTube's share of total programmatic CTV ad spending is declining because more streamers are making a stronger effort to sell their inventory programmatically. Even with a declining share, however, YouTube exerts immense influence over programmatic CTV.


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