• Moxy East Village is a new four-star hotel in New York’s East Village neighborhood, themed after its vibrant culture. The hotel features clear nods to rock and roll, street art, and other East Village countercultures.
  • As part of the Marriott Bonvoy family, Moxy East Village is a great option if you want to earn or redeem points during your stay.
  • I spent a night in an 11th floor Queen Room, which was small, yet comfortable. The historic decor, bustling common areas, and great location were the real draw.

New York City’s East Village has long enjoyed a gritty and rebellious history. Located directly across from Webster Hall, a music venue that helped contribute to that reputation, the brand new Moxy East Village takes inspiration from its surroundings, with nods to the cultural movements and counterculture for which the neighborhood is known.

While the Chelsea location has more of a botanical theme (read our full review here), Moxy East Village channels rock and roll and avant-garde street art, which can be found throughout the hotel.

Current rates start at $185 midweek and rise to around $299 on weekends and holidays, with room configurations including Queen, Queen with Daybed, Double Double, and Quad Bunks. I spent a night in a Queen Room, which was comped for review purposes, and found the hotel to have all the amenities needed for a comfortable and hospitable stay.

While it just opened its doors a few months ago and is still finding its way, I think the hotel has the potential to become a favorite for travelers looking for good value and a unique experience in a locally loved neighborhood. As part of the Marriott family, you can also redeem and earn Marriott points here.

Keep reading to see why I was so impressed by Moxy East Village.

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Foto: Walking into the lobby felt like discovering a hip East Village hangout.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

The entrance felt warm, inviting, and was filled with artwork. All of the lighting fixtures, paintings, neon signs, and shattered mirrors were designed by local East Village artists.

Checking in was incredibly easy and quick, with no hassle. I, along with all guests of drinking age, was given a wooden token for a complimentary glass of prosecco at the bar, which felt like a nice, welcoming perk.

I decided to bring my belongings to my room before checking out the bar, though I’ll touch on that in a bit.

Foto: If you can manage to get into an elevator alone, it makes for a cool Instagrammable photo-op.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

The elevator was another clear indicator that Moxy East Village wasn’t a typical chain hotel.

With full-length mirrors and an illuminated graphic on the back wall, it was the first thing I noticed when the elevator doors opened and definitely made a statement.

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the graphic …

Foto: Emojis! My picture isn’t out of focus, the mirror gives the images a trippy effect.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

While different parts of Moxy East Village represented different eras in history, the elevator represented present-day and the future. The choice to include Emojis on the wall was a fun, yet accurate depiction of language and expression in the late 2010s, and beyond.

Foto: The carpets look just like New York City streets. As inviting as the hotel is, it still manages to feel as urban as the neighborhood it’s located in.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the 11th floor, the first thing I noticed was the carpet. The grey-ish black color looked like asphalt with orange spray paint-style graphics. It was unmistakably reminiscent of New York City streets, although thankfully, much cleaner.

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Foto: Clever space-saving techniques like a sliding door and placing the sink in the common area prevented the bathroom from feeling too small.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

Given its size, the Moxy East Village is not the type of hotel where you hole up in your room.

My Queen room was rather small though it made great use of the space. When the hotel was developed, the rooms were designed to be small so that they could remain affordable, while offering other on-site amenities.

When I walked in, I was immediately impressed by the bathroom with large rain shower head, a beautiful green sink, and countertop. Even though it was small, the shower felt spacious and refreshing.

Foto: The bed was neat and comfortable, though the views from my room were not particularly special.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

The bed was tucked away near tall windows. I really appreciated the back-lit headboard and reading lights on each side of my bed, which provided the perfect amount of light at night.

The windows were large and great for letting in natural light, though there wasn’t much of a view. I could see the roof of Webster Hall and the taller builder behind it.

Foto: You’ll find many of your favorite streaming services built-in to the TV, but you’ll need your own subscriptions to use them — or you can watch live TV.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

At the foot of the bed was a 43-inch smart TV. It’s by no means the biggest TV I’ve seen in a hotel, but it doesn’t need to be. Considering that it’s right in front of you, you won’t feel like it should be bigger. This is another example of how Moxy East Village proves that bigger isn’t always better.

Foto: In addition to storage perks, you can also borrow a record player and vinyl at the front desk to bring your room and enjoy.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

Storage is also a major concern in small hotel rooms, but Moxy East Village addressed it wonderfully. The safe was located in a pull-out drawer under the bed and there was a cubby hole for more belongings. My backpack fit just fine and I imagine a small suitcase could fit as well.

The room also had wooden pegs on the wall, a clothing rack, and a few hangers.

Foto: My Queen was the perfect size for a solo traveler or a couple. For more space, check out the Double Double, Queen with Daybed, or Quad Bunk rooms.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

The gritty New York City motif carried into the room through a graffiti and stencil-style painting on the bathroom’s glass walls and while I did not have a full desk, the sofa was a nice place to check emails.

While I didn’t feel the small room was a compromise and loved the look and amenities, I know a nightly rate starting in the $200s might seem high for such a compact space. I also know as a New Yorker that it’s comparable to other similar hotels, and staying here means you’re paying for a well-designed and thoughtful room, with great on-site perks, and a fantastic location. It’s also worth noting that you may score a lower deal in slower seasons and if you travel midweek, as opposed to staying on a weekend in prime fall as I did.

Compare room types and prices for Moxy East Village

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Foto: Alphabet City Bar and Café is the hotel’s bar, and can be seen from the main entrance.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

The hotel’s Alphabet City Bar and Café, aptly named after the section of the East Village with the same name, is a great area to lounge, grab a drink, or a light bite on-site. I snapped this photo immediately after check-in when it was still empty, but by 5:30 p.m., it was bustling.

There are plenty of cozy spots to sit and enjoy a drink, both indoor and outdoor. Moxy is planning to install a retractable roof glass and heaters to keep it open year-round.

Foto: The interior of the café and bar has plenty of seating that’s designed to be moved and rearranged.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

You’ll also find chess and checkers, a free skeeball machine, and a few swinging sofas.

The far wall features a bookshelf full of classic movies and cassettes. I spotted everything from “The Karate Kid” and “RoboCop,” to Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. All of these items are authentic and sourced from eBay. They’ve since been glued together as previous guests mistook the tapes as freebies.

However, there’s also a cart full of books from the legendary East Village bookstore Strand Books that are free. If one sparks your interest, it’s yours to keep. The hotel regularly replenishes the books from Strand.

Foto: The bar features neon signs for “Save the Robots” and “Palladium,” two of the most popular East Village night clubs in the 1980s.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

Located on the lower level is Cathédrale Restaurant, a French-Mediterranean-inspired restaurant owned and operated by Tao Group. To get there, you have to walk down an alley-inspired staircase, accessible from the bar, or directly from the street.

I wasn’t able to get a reservation with short notice on a busy Friday night, so if you want to eat during your stay – or just for dinner in the city – make your reservation well in advance.

Foto: Cathédral Restaurant’s indoor terrace space has glass ceilings, warm-toned lights, and foliage on the walls and tables.sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

Since I wasn’t able to get a table on Friday night, I woke up early on Saturday to go for breakfast and it was much quieter. The food was tasty, and a good option for hotel guests who don’t want to venture far in the morning.

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Foto: sourceAmir Ismael/Business Insider

Moxy East Village is located directly across the street from legendary club and event venue Webster Hall. The popular brunch spot The Ainsworth East Village, and a pool hall, are also on the same block. All of these spots attract people, which brings liveliness, but it didn’t hinder me from getting a good night’s sleep.

In the larger surrounding area, you can get to Union Square Park in a 10-minute walk, Tompkins Square Park in a 14-minute walk, and Washington Square Park in a 15-minute walk.

If you’re into vintage-style sportswear, hats, sneakers, and other gear, check out Mr. Throwback located at 437 E 9th Street. Moxy guests can save 20% on everything during their stay.

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At the time of writing this review, Moxy East Village was only open for a short period of time, but reviews indicate that the hotel will be a successful addition to the Moxy’s other New York City locations.

The hotel has a four-and-a-half out of five-star rating from 119 reviews on Trip Advisor and an 8.8 out of 10 rating from 39 reviews on Booking.com. Most reviewers praise Moxy East Village for its unique decor, lively common areas, and the great use of space in the small rooms, while others lament the compact rooms and untraditional experience. Ultimately, you should decide what kind of experience you’re looking for, to see if Moxy fits the bill.

Read reviews, compare prices, and book on Trip Advisor

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Who stays here: Couples and families that don’t plan to be in their rooms often, but value quality amenities and plenty of things to do in the area, plus Marriott loyalists.

We like: The nods to East Village (and New York City as a whole). If you’re visiting New York City as a tourist, you’ll appreciate feeling immersed in the city during your stay, unlike standard hotels.

We love (don’t miss this feature!): Visiting the Alphabet Bar and Café is a must. It’s a great space to start the morning with coffee, unwind with a drink, or just lounge and socialize.

We think you should know: Moxy East Village just opened in September 2019, so it’s a brand new space. As good as it is, there are plans to make it even better and new properties can take a bit of time to iron out kinks. You can expect the Moxy East Village rooftop to open in Spring 2020.

We’d do this differently next time: Stay in Double Double or Quad Bunk room with others to see how the living space feels when shared with other people.

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The rooms at Moxy East Village are small. If you want a room with 20 feet in between the bed and the bathroom, a large desk, and a couch, then you should stay somewhere else. But if you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable base while exploring the city, this is a wonderful choice.

Although I was inside and surrounded by plenty of comfort and amenities, I still felt like I was in New York City. It’s not a typical chain and has a lot of personality.

While it’s only been open a short time, I suspect the hotel will become a very popular destination due to its nostalgic East Village spirit and affordable prices.

Book the Moxy East Village starting at $185 a night here