• The United States is home to some seriously impressive, breathtaking views.
  • In places like Illinois and New York, you’ll find stunning views from buildings.
  • States like Oklahoma, North Carolina, Michigan, and Minnesota offer beautiful views of nature.
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These stunning views around the United States vary greatly, but the one thing they have in common is that none will disappoint.

Here are are some of the most breathtaking views from every state.

ALABAMA: Bucks Pocket State Park

Foto: Bucks Pocket State Park. Source: Shutterstock

Spread across three counties, Bucks Pocket State Park provides panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountain foothills.

ALASKA: Denali

Foto: Denali. Source: Lijuan Guo/Shutterstock

There’s no question that Denali, the highest peak in North America that was renamed in 2015, provides spectacular views. According to a September 2015 calculation, the peak towers over Alaska at 20,310 feet tall.

ARIZONA: Grand Canyon

Foto: Grand Canyon. Source: Anton Foltin/Shutterstock

It may be an obvious choice, but that doesn't mean the Grand Canyon isn't worth making a trip for. With its colorful rocks, unique eroded forms, and steep-sided canyons, it's no wonder this national park is a Unesco World Heritage site.

ARKANSAS: Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Foto: View from the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. Source: Shutterstock

With views of the Hot Springs National Park and Ouachita Mountains, this tower is worth a visit.

The upper deck of the mountain tower offers stunning views in the open air and the lower part includes exhibits about the area's history.

CALIFORNIA: Griffith Observatory

Foto: Griffith Observatory. Source: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

If you hadn't heard of the Griffith Observatory before, the 2016 movie "La La Land" surely made you aware of the marvel.

One side offers sweeping views of the Los Angeles skyline and the other gives a peek of the iconic Hollywood sign situated in the hills.

COLORADO: Mesa Verde National Park

Foto: Mesa Verde National Park. Source: Don Mammoser/Shutterstock

Built by the Ancestral Puebloans who inhabited Mesa Verde for centuries, Mesa Verde National Park was established in 1906 by President Theordore Roosevelt and is the site of a slew of well-preserved cliff dwellings and archaelogical sites.

CONNECTICUT: Heublein Tower

Foto: Heublein Tower. Source: Shutterstock

Heublein Tower in Simsbury, Connecticut, is a 165-foot-tall tower that used to be home to a prominent Hartford family, and now provides spectacular views of New England while also housing a museum focused on local history.

DELAWARE: Cape Henlopen State Park

Foto: Cape Henlopen State Park. Source: Shutterstock

Across the Delaware coast, there are a slew of towers from World War II, but, at Cape Henlopen, one has been restored to offer breathtaking views of the park and the Atlantic Ocean.

FLORIDA: Seven Mile Bridge

Foto: Seven Mile Bridge. Source: pisaphotography/Shutterstock

Connecting Little Duck Key and Knights Key, this seven-mile bridge may sound long but, the spectacular views of piercing blue water make the drive on Overseas Highway one of the most scenic in the country.

GEORGIA: Fort Mountain State Park

Foto: Fort Mountain State Park. Source: Shutterstock

Located in North Georgia, Fort Mountain State Park is a popular camping site with an ancient rock wall, streams, and lakes.

HAWAII: Mauna Kea

Foto: Mauna Kea. Source: Shutterstock

When measured from its underwater start, Mauna Kea is even taller than Mount Everest. Standing as the highest point in Hawaii, the island is also home to the world's largest astronomical observatory.

IDAHO: Shoshone Falls

Foto: Shoshone Falls. Source: Shutterstock/Png Studio Photography

Shoshone Falls might not have the fame of Niagara Falls, but it's actually taller, with water rushing from a peak of 212 feet, compared to Niagara's 176 feet.

ILLINOIS: Skydeck at Willis Tower

Foto: Views from the Skydeck at Willis Tower. Source: cendhika/Shutterstock

The 103rd floor of the wildly popular Skydeck at Willis Tower includes a glass balcony that hangs 1,353 feet above Chicago.

INDIANA: Soldier and Sailors Monument

Foto: Soldier and Sailors Monument. Source: Shutterstock

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the monument was created at the end of the 19th century as a memorial to the "Hoosiers," or Indiana natives, that served in the military. Standing at 231 feet above street level, the monument is only 15 feet shorter than the Statue of Libery.

IOWA: Grotto of the Redemption

Foto: Grotto of the Redemption. Source: Lost_in_the_Midwest/Shutterstock

The largest man-made grotto in the world, Grotto of the Redemption was created through a combination of rocks, gems, and minerals worth over $4 million.

KANSAS: Monument Rocks

Foto: Monument Rocks. Source: TommyBrison/Shutterstock

A series of chalk formations that are rich in fossils, Monument Rocks is a geological site to behold.

KENTUCKY: Natural Bridge State Park

Foto: Natural Bridge State Park. Source: Shutterstock

Situated in Daniel Boone forest, Natural Bridge State Park's top view to see is of a 78-foot-long, 65-foot-tall sandstone bridge.

Created by continuous erosion, the arch provides a beautiful site in the middle of an equally wondrous forest.

LOUISIANA: Jackson Square

Foto: Jackson Square. Source: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

A historic park located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Jackson Square has been a National Historic Landmark since 1960 and it's a key part of the city's history.

MAINE: Acadia National Park

Foto: Acadia National Park. Source: Doug Lemke/Shutterstock

Located on a coastal patch of Maine, Acadia has no shortage of things to see. The most impressive views are arguably from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

MARYLAND: National Harbor

Foto: National Harbor. Source: Shutterstock

Just south of Washington DC sits the National Harbor, a waterfront development that provides striking views of the Potomac River. The Ferris wheel offers a bird's eye view of the landscape.

MASSACHUSETTS: Prudential Skywalk Observatory

Foto: Views from Prudential Skywalk Observatory. Source: Shutterstock

Located 50 floors above Boston, the observatory provides a truly stunning 360-degree view of the New England city along with its famed attractions like Fenway Park.

MICHIGAN: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Foto: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Source: Craig Sterken/Shutterstock

With many bodies of water in the US being a murky brown, the blue-green water of Lake Superior doesn't exactly fit in.

The Pictured Rocks stretch for nearly 15 miles along the lake and tower above it anywhere from 50 to 200 feet, letting the vibrant Great Lake glimmer in its beauty.

MINNESOTA: Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Foto: Forestville. Source: Shutterstock

What was once a bustling town in the mid-19th century is now a mix of scenic greenery, caves, underground pools, and interconnected passageways.

MISSISSIPPI: Windsor Ruins

Foto: Windsor Ruins. Source: Shutterstock

Windsor was once an elaborate mansion built between 1859 and 1861. The mansion burned down in 1890, leaving behind beautiful, historic columns in its place.

MISSOURI: Gateway Arch

Foto: Gateway Arch. Source: Shutterstock

Completed in 1965 and standing at 630 feet, the Gateway Arch offers sweeping views of St. Louis.

MONTANA: Paradise Valley

Foto: Paradise Valley. Source: Shutterstock

Located between the Absaroka and Gallatin mountain ranges and just north of Yellowstone National Park, Paradise Valley is home to tall glaciers, clear rivers, and an overall beautiful landscape.

NEBRASKA: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Foto: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Source: Shutterstock

Although it technically connects Nebraska and Iowa, the 3,000-foot-long Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge provides amazing views of Omaha over the Missouri River.

NEVADA: High Roller Observation Wheel

Foto: The High Roller Ferris wheel. Source: Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock

Soaring 550 feet above the Las Vegas strip, the observation wheel is considered the tallest in the world.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Mount Washington

Foto: Mount Washington. Source: Shutterstock

Standing at 6,288 feet tall, Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast and offers views of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Canada.


Foto: Cape May. Source: Shutterstock

Cape May, located at the southern tip of New Jersey, is a popular beach getaway for a reason. The ocean is breathtaking, the lighthouse is picturesque, and the sunrise is out of this world.

NEW MEXICO: Four Corners

Foto: Four Corners. Source: Shutterstock

A brass plaque marks the spot where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado supposedly meet.

NEW YORK: Top of the Rock

Foto: Views from Top of the Rock. Source: inigocia/Shutterstock

Take in the sites of New York City's iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and Central Park from the Top of the Rock, which is the top of the famous Rockefeller Center.

NORTH CAROLINA: Craggy Gardens

Foto: Craggy Gardens. Source: Shutterstock

The National Heritage Area is filled with wildflowers that give way to striking mountain views.


Foto: White Butte. Source: Shutterstock

At 3,506 feet above sea level, the White Butte is the highest point in North Dakota.

OHIO: Cincinnati Museum Center

Foto: Cincinnati Museum Center. Source: Shutterstock

Built in what used to be the Union Terminal train station, the Cincinnati Museum Center provides views of striking architecture, large-scale replicas of the city, and even ancient caves.

OKLAHOMA: Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Foto: Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Source: Shutterstock

When the Choctaw Nation feared resettlement by developers, they sold their land to the federal government so it could be turned into a national park. Today, the area is home to scenic waterfalls, bridges, and trails.

OREGON: Crater Lake

Foto: Crater Lake. Source: Shutterstock

Created when the volcano Mount Mazama collapsed nearly 8,000 years ago, the expansive and breathtaking Crater Lake is the deepest in the US.

PENNSYLVANIA: Mount Washington neighborhood

Foto: Mount Washington neighborhood. Source: Shutterstock

The top of Mount Washington neighborhood provides a panoramic view of Pittsburgh's skyline and sights of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers joining the Ohio River.

RHODE ISLAND: Prospect Terrace Park

Foto: Prospect Terrace Park Source: Shutterstock

High atop College Hill, which is home to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, Prospect Terrace Park is a great spot for a view of downtown Providence. Founded in 1867, the park includes scenic foliage, steep trails, and a monument commemorating Roger Williams, who founded the state.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Downtown Charleston

Foto: Downtown Charleston. Source: Shutterstock

This area has historical value, and it's also filled with colorful buildings and beautiful trees.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Pinnacles Overlook.

Foto: Pinnacles Overlook. Source: Shutterstock

Badlands National Park has a number of areas with stunning views, but Pinnacles Overlook surely has some of the most impressive ones.


Foto: Ruby Falls. Source: Shutterstock

Found around 1,100 feet under Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls has a 145-foot drop.

TEXAS: San Jacinto Museum of History

Foto: San Jacinto Museum of History. Source: Shutterstock

The San Jacinto Museum of History takes visitors nearly 500 feet in an elevator to view sites such as historic battlefields. The museum also includes a collection of relics and manuscripts that help illustrate the history of the Lone Star state.

UTAH: Angels Landing

Foto: View from Angels Landing. Source: Shutterstock

Situated in the heart of Zion National Park, Angels Landing provides views of some of Zion's greatest draws, such as the Great White Throne and the Virgin River.

VERMONT: Lincoln's Peak

Foto: Lincoln's Peak. Source: Shutterstock

Green Mountain National Forest goes on for over 40,000 acres, and Lincoln's Peak is just one observation decks to take in the all-encompassing views of the forest.

VIRGINIA: Libby Hill Park

Foto: Views from Libby Hill Park. Source: Shutterstock

Originally called Marshall Square but now known as "The view that named Richmond," Libby Hill Park's overlook is a great way to take in the city.

WASHINGTON: Columbia River Gorge

Foto: Columbia River Gorge. Source: Shutterstock

Although the Columbia River Gorge may be best known for the great acoustics its amphitheater provides, the view down the river is not talked about nearly enough.


Foto: Views from Spruce Knob. Source: Shutterstock

At a little over 4,800 feet above sea level, Spruce Knob is West Virginia's highest peaks in the Monongahela National Forest and its views of mountains and valleys do not disappoint.

WISCONSIN: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Foto: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Source: Bryan Neuswanger/Shutterstock

A popular spot for diving, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are made up of a series of underwater rock formations as well as some shipwrecks.

WYOMING: Grand Prismatic Spring

Foto: Grand Prismatic Spring Source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand/AP Images

Grand Prismatic Spring is a key sight of Yellowstone National Park. Coming in as the third-largest hot spring in the world, this area's array of colors are sure to be a sight you'll never forget.

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