• An Israeli-Jewish reporter snuck into Mecca, Islam's holiest city, and produced a 10-minute report. 
  • Saudi Arabia bans non-Muslims from entering the city.
  • Saudi police say they arrested a citizen who help Gil Tamary sneak in. 

Police in Saudi Arabia on Saturday said they arrested a man who helped an Israeli-Jewish reporter sneak into Mecca, The Associated Press reported. 

Earlier this week, Gil Tamary, a reporter for Israel's Channel 13 posted a video of him sneaking into the holy city. Saudi Arabia only allows Muslims to enter the city. 

Tamary can be seen in the 10-minute video taking a taxi and driving past the Grand Mosque, home of the Kaaba, a site where Muslims across the world pray. He was accompanied by a tour guide, whose face was blurred. 

"I was here in Mecca. A dream came true," Tamary said. 

The reporter also whispered in Hebrew and occasionally switched to English so he wouldn't get caught, Al Jazeera reported. 

The AP reported that the video prompted backlash from Muslims and Saudis, who felt Tamary's actions disrepected the sanctity of Mecca. 

The backlash prompted police to arrest an unidentified Saudi man who they say helped Tamary.

The reporter has since left Saudi Arabia. 

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