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  • Netflix has been sharing long-awaited details of its ad-supported tier with advertising partners.
  • It’s seeking a $60 CPM price tag, which would make it the costliest of the streamers.
  • Netflix partner Microsoft is leading the sales pitch, which some agency execs called rushed and incomplete.

Netflix is heading for a November rollout of its ad-supported tier, well ahead of its initial forecast of an early 2023 launch — and more than a month ahead of rival Disney, which is planning to bow its own ad-supported version, Disney+ Basic, on December 8.

Streaming giant Netflix has been making the rounds with ad agencies, pitching them on its aggressive timetable — a push to beat Disney to market, one agency exec suggested — and asking advertisers to submit plans by Sept. 30. 

The company has stressed that it wants to preserve a high-quality viewing experience as it tries to reverse subscription declines by offering viewers a tradeoff: Pay less in exchange for seeing some ads amid your “Stranger Things” or “Bridgerton” binge. The company has said it would run pre- and mid-roll ads. 

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