• JetBlue's checked bag fees change depending on when you travel.
  • Bookings from March 22 now account for peak and off-peak seasons.
  • It costs $5 more to check your first bag during peak season, and $10 for your second bag. 

JetBlue has introduced dynamic pricing to its checked-bag fees.

It follows moves from major carriers like United and American Airlines, which upped their prices back in February.

However, the low-cost carrier's plan is more similar to that of Wendy's, which said its menu items would change prices throughout the day — it later clarified that this is to enable it to offer discounts during slower parts of the day rather than to increase prices.

Flight tickets are typically priced dynamically, changing depending on demand and how long you wait to book. But it is less common for ancillary fees, like those for checked baggage.

JetBlue's baggage information website now explains how prices change depending on peak season, where you're flying, and whether you included them before check-in.

From March 22, traveling during JetBlue's peak season means it will cost an extra $5 to check your first bag. A second one costs $10 more than during off-peak dates.

The next period defined by the airline as peak is from April 11 to April 29. After that, it's the main summer period from June to early September, as well as dates around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Checked bags are made more expensive if you're on a transatlantic flight. During off-peak season, it costs $60 to check in a bag instead of the $35 when traveling within North America.

And if a passenger forgets to add checked baggage 24 hours before a flight, it will cost an extra $10 on domestic routes.

This sort of dynamic pricing is more common when traveling with European budget airlines.

For example, easyJet says its checked bag fees, "vary depending on the route selected, flight and time of booking." At the Irish ultra-low-lost carrier Ryanair, a 10kg bag (22 pounds) could cost anywhere between $15 and $37 if you buy it at the time of booking.

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