• Online footage shows people in Paris struggling to get through the city's flooded streets.
  • Heavy rainfall inundated the French capital on Tuesday, after months of drought in France.
  • One video on Twitter shows water gushing into an already-flooded public bus.

Rainstorms battered Paris on Tuesday evening after months of drought across France, flooding the city's streets, metro stations, and even a bus.

France's meteorological service said several areas in the capital had received up to 15 days' worth of rain on Tuesday alone, French news and weather channel BFM TV reported.

One weather Twitter account run by volunteers said that metro stations in the city recorded 1.7 inches of rain within one hour — almost the equivalent of one month's rainfall in the summer.

Footage posted on Twitter showed residents struggling to navigate the waterlogged city.

One video showed people scrambling for shelter as a storm hit Disneyland Paris.

Another video posted by Agence France-Presse journalist Lauren Bain showed water gushing into an already inundated public bus.

The RATP Group, the state-owned public transport operator in Paris, closed eight metro stations, including some in the city's center, due to the flooding, 

The heavy rainfall comes after a blistering heatwave in France this summer, during which temperatures reached up to 99.8 Fahrenheit.

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