An Afghan girl is pulled over a wall to U.S. forces at Kabul airport.
An Afghan girl is pulled over a wall to US forces at Kabul airport this week.
Rise to Peace/via REUTERS
  • A video shows an Afghan girl lifted over the Kabul airport fence and into the hands of US soldiers.
  • The scene underscores the sense of fear and urgency of many trying to leave Afghanistan.
  • It wasn't immediately clear whether the girl was reunited with her family, Reuters reported.
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A small Afghan girl was lifted from a crowd over a high fence along the perimeter of the Kabul airport and into the hands of US soldiers, highlighting the sense of urgency and desperation of many trying to flee a new Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

The scene was filmed and shared on social media, Reuters reported. American soldiers are stationed at the airport to prevent scenes of chaos as military and civilian evacuation flights continue.

According to the report, it wasn't immediately clear if the girl was reunited with her family on the other side of the fence. Though many Afghans and foreigners were able to successfully flee the country, massive crowds outside the airport are a reminder that scores are still trapped.

Thursday marked Afghanistan's Independence Day, which featured crowds of people in Kabul chanting and waving flags in defiance of the Taliban.

The militant group used the occasion to declare the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," the same name it used during its strict regime from 1996 to 2001.

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