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  • Twitter is weighing adding a subscription fee to access specific features on the app, Bloomberg reported.
  • The company could charge users for TweetDeck or add new features, including more in-depth analytics.
  • Creators on the site could also charge followers a “tipping” fee for exclusive content.
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Twitter is working on developing a subscription offering for more premium features on the platform, like TweetDeck, and may roll out a tipping feature down the road, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Charging a subscription fee for some offerings would help boost and diversify its revenue, which currently is mostly from advertising.

One of the primary examples of potential services that Twitter could require a subscription fee for in the future was TweetDeck, a service that currently runs ad-free on the site, according to the report. TweetDeck operates as a Twitter-focused hub that allows users to view multiple streams of content at once, as well as schedule tweets. The service is primarily targeted to professional creators on the site.

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The company is also weighing allowing users to ask followers for a “tipping” fee for more exclusive content, Bloomberg reports.

Under a subscription basis, Twitter could build new features into the app, as well as charge for existing ones. Subscriptions would likely be targeted to more advanced users of the site.

Some ideas that have reportedly been bounced around by the company as potential offerings people may pay for include an ad-free experience, more in-depth analytics, and additional bells and whistles for user profiles, including customizable badges and an un-send tweet button.

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A spokesperson for Twitter was not immediately available to comment on the Bloomberg report.

Twitter has expressed interest in a subscription process in the past. In the summer, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company was in the early stages of exploring the idea.

The company also ran a survey in July asking users what products on the app they would be willing to pay for.

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