Trump boards Air Force One
President Donald Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on December 12, 2020.
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  • Trump has vowed to keep pursuing legal challenges in several swing states, he told Fox & Friends.
  • He said that legal challenges will “continue to go forward,” despite numerous defeats.
  • On Saturday, the Supreme Court rejected a Trump-backed Texas lawsuit to overturn the results of the election. 
  • Trump recognized the need to “speed it up” as the Electoral College will meet on Monday.
  • He referred to the US as a “third world country” and expressed his concerns about Joe Biden being an “illigitemate president.”
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President Donald Trump has said that “it’s not over,” despite Monday’s Electoral College vote being just a day away.

Responding to a question about the Trump campaign’s defeat in the Supreme Court, the president confirmed that he and his lawyers will continue to present legal challenges in several swing states.

Speaking to Fox & Friends, Trump said: “No, it’s not over. We keep going and we’re going to continue to go forward. We have numerous local cases.”

He then proceeded to claim falsely that he won in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. “We won every one of them,” he said. These states all went to Joe Biden.

Trump then mentioned that there is a case going on “as we speak” in Wisconsin.

The case that Trump seems to be referring to resulted in a judge saying the lawsuit "smacks like racism." Another case, also on Saturday, was thrown out by a federal judge.

In the interview with Fox & Friends, Trump was asked about Monday's Electoral College vote. This is when electors will cast their ballot for the next president of the US. Biden is expected to get 306 votes, in excess of the 270 needed to win the presidency.

Trump responded: "We're going to speed it up as much as we can, but you can only go so fast. They give us very little time."

He then proceeded to make claims that dead people had voted and that Dominion "machines are controlling our country."

Trump then expressed his concern about the country having an "illegitimate president" in Biden.

He repeated this claim later in the interview, adding: "We're like a third world country. I do worry about... an illegitimate president. That's what I worry about."

The president has previously referred to the US as a "third world country." He said this to reporters at the Oval Office last week.

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