• Donald Trump railed against America's low water pressure during his rally in Ohio on Saturday.
  • The former president claimed that Americans are unable to properly wash their dishes or use the bathroom.
  • Environmental advocates criticized Trump-era moves to relax limits on water and energy use as being wasteful. 

Former President Donald Trump dedicated a portion of his rambling 90-minute speech at a rally in Delaware, Ohio, to dishwashers, washing machines, and bathrooms.

The former president has long taken issue with America's water pressure and claimed that Americans could not properly wash their dishes or use the bathroom.


"In the dishwashers as an example, they had a little problem. What was the problem? They didn't give you any water. And it was so little water that you couldn't wash the dishes. So what did people do? They kept pressing. Do it again, do it again, do it again. So by the time you do it ten times, the dishes are finally there," Trump said, during his rally speech on Saturday.

He boasted that he introduced a regulation to let Americans "have all the damn water you want for your dishes."

Trump referred to rules he introduced as president that exempted quick dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers from efficiency regulations, which President Joe Biden reversed in January.

Repairman fixing dishwasher in kitchen. Foto: George Peters/Getty Images

Environmental advocates had criticized Trump's move to relax limits on water and energy use as being wasteful. 

During the Ohio rally, Trump complained about low water pressure in taps and showers and claimed that he could not properly wash his hair when he stayed at new hotels.

"The water just drips out a little bit slowly. I want to take good care of my hair. I don't want that. No, it's true. I mean, I put the soap, and it takes you 20 minutes to have the water come out to get the damn soap out of your hair," Trump said.

He also claimed that the water problem extends to the "third element of a bathroom" and suggested that people flush up to ten times for it to work.

At the rally, Trump claimed that Democrats are trying to "destroy our country" with the "climate hoax" and boasted about his decision to make the US withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2017– a move that Biden reversed. 

The former president has a long history of going against the scientific consensus to question whether climate change is real. 

The Biden administration has moved to reverse several Trump-era policies that Trump's critics say were harmful to the environment.

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