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  • This week, Spotify rolled out “Stories,” where artists can share short videos with listeners on their playlists.
  • The company is piggybacking off of the same feature originally created by Snapchat and also implemented by Instagram, Facebook, and recently Twitter with its new “Fleets.”
  • Tech columnist Jason Aten argues this is a poor move on the music streaming company’s part.
  • Not only is it a feature that doesn’t necessarily improve Spotify’s experience, he says, but users aren’t looking for apps to fulfill their every need, but for them to be the best versions of themselves.

On Monday, Spotify started testing a feature called “Stories.” It’s remarkably similar to a new Twitter feature, known as “Fleets,” which was basically a copy of an Instagram feature, also called Stories, which, of course, Instagram lifted directly from Snapchat. Oh yeah, Facebook has it, too.

Remarkably, the feature is almost identical in every one of those cases – a user posts a “story,” which usually includes a photo or short video clip with text, tags, or stickers, that lasts for 24 hours. Anyone who follows the user can see it, along with anyone they tag.

Stories are apparently the feature tech companies think we want everywhere, or at least in every app. I think that’s something worth looking at, because honestly, I think they’re all wrong.

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