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  • Chief DeFi Officer at S&P Global, Chuck Mounts, spoke at the Messari Mainnet conference on Thursday.
  • Mounts says institutional capital will flood into crypto once there’s more regulatory clarity.
  • PE giant KKR just announced that it would put a portion of its fund on the Avalanche blockchain.

 In recent years, Wall Street giants have made progress in offering crypto and its related products to their clients.

In 2021, Morgan Stanley became the first major US bank to offer certain clients exposure to bitcoin funds. In April, BlackRock was among the investors that raised $400 million to back stablecoin issuer Circle. Private equity giant KKR, which manages $471 billion in assets, also announced that the firm would put a portion of its fund on Avalanche, a layer-1 blockchain, earlier this month.

Traditional financial firms, however, haven’t historically embraced crypto with open arms.

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