• Sofia Richie married Elliot Grainge on Saturday in Antibes, in the South of France.
  • Richie told Vogue she wore three custom Chanel gowns during her wedding weekend.
  • A Chanel dress worn by model Claudia Schiffer in 1993 inspired Richie's after-party ensemble.

Sofia Richie wore three custom-made Chanel gowns for her wedding to Elliot Grainge in the South of France on Saturday, according to Vogue.

A behind-the-scenes Vogue video of her final dress fitting, which took place weeks before the nuptials, showed that she brought her mother-in-law Caroline Grainge and her close friend Ali Meller with her to try on each gown at the Chanel atelier in Paris, France.

The clip was shared the same day as Sofia, 24, and Elliot, 30, tied the knot in a cozy wedding surrounded by loved ones at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, a year after they announced their engagement.

Sofia, the beauty director of Nude Stix and daughter of singer Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander, said she decided to have three dresses because there were three different events for the wedding: the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the afterparty.

She also said that what she envisioned for her dream wedding dress had evolved massively since becoming an adult.

"I always had this vision of like the big princess dress and going big, but as I got older, I realized that I wanted something a bit more simple," she said. "Maybe 'simple' is the wrong word because my dress is definitely not simple."

Dress No. 1 — the rehearsal 

The first dress that Sofia tried on was the gown for the rehearsal dinner. It had sheer sleeves, a high neck, and heavy beading — and featured two-tier style. 

"It honestly fits like a glove," Sofia said as she carefully walked around in the dress in front of the Chanel atelier staff and her mother-in-law. "I'm scared to move because I don't want to ruin one bead."

"This is like a fairytale, it's like an art piece," she added. "But I feel like a princess, I really do." According to Madame Olivia Douchez, première of haute couture atelier, it took three months to create the dress.

Sofia said that as the rehearsal dinner dress code was cocktail attire and that the overall aesthetic would be vibrant and colorful, she wanted to wear a gown with a "sparkly, elegant perspective."

In terms of beauty, she said she would keep the makeup over the wedding weekend simple in order for it to feel "timeless" and "clean."

"I do not want to look back in 20 years and be like, 'She's a glamazon,'" Sofia said. 

Dress No. 2 — the afterparty

Next up, Sofia tried on her afterparty gown — a corseted white mini dress featuring a chic bodice with a floral detail. 

"This to me is like my little girl dream," she said, adding that the gown itself was inspired by an iconic look Claudia Schiffer wore for a 1993 Chanel runway. 

"The fact that it's inspired off of Claudia Schiffer's runway look is iconic and dope," Sofia said. 

Trying it on for the last time before the big weekend, Sofia said she was in love with the gown, which she paired with a simple veil and white kitten heels. "I feel like it's extremely traditional Chanel," she added. 

Sofia also revealed that the afterparty would be "somewhat like a nightclub."

"Very dark, fun music, strobe lights," she said. "I will be eating pizzas and fries in this dress. Pray for this dress."

Dress No. 3 — the wedding

Last, but certainly not least, Sofia showed off the main attraction — her main wedding dress, which was based on a silhouette from a fall/winter 2022/23 Chanel look. The sleeveless halter-neck style gown featured delicate bowl-shaped sequins, some of which were iridescent, throughout and a criss cross neckline. 

Earlier in the video, the Chanel seamstress noted it took four months to finish the gown.

"It is such magic," Sofia said as she saw herself wearing the dress in the mirror. "I really think Elliot is going to love it. He's honestly my biggest cheerleader when it comes to anything I wear."

According to Sofia, there are two sequin shaped hearts subtly sewn onto the dress facing each other, symbolic of the romantic occasion. 

"If he doesn't cry, I'll be very sad," she joked. 

On the interior lining of the dress, their initials "S" and "E" and the date of the wedding were stitched in to be her something blue. "I'm going to keep it close to my chest," she said. 

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