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  • Pablo Heman says this round’s altcoin season might be different from previous ones.
  • Ether seems to be leading an altcoin bull run ahead of an anticipated bitcoin price peak.
  • He has six altcoins that he says will be strong bets during the last quarter of 2021.

Pablo Heman is the pseudonym for a crypto influencer who’s gathered more than 600,000 followers on TikTok. According to his LinkedIn, he’s a former investment bank trader who now uses his social platforms to update his followers on his analysis of price action in the crypto sector.

He previously broke down how he reaches his conclusions, stating that on-chain data, the economic environment, and some technical analysis drive the bulk of his forecasts. His early posts and videos were primarily focused on bitcoin’s price action, but more recently, he’s turned his focus to altcoins.

Traditionally, bitcoin has dominated the crypto sector. Whenever bitcoin’s price peaks, investors see a bull run in altcoins shortly after and vice versa. But this time, it looks like ethereum, the largest altcoin by market cap and second-ranked to bitcoin, is taking the lead, says Heman.

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