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  • Antoine Martel became interested in buying, rehabbing, and renting out property to create cash flow.
  • He used money from his father’s retirement account to buy an investment property.
  • Once he realized he could do it and had all the right contacts, he recycled his strategy and scaled.

Before going all-in on real estate, Antoine Martel was getting his bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Both of his parents worked full-time, and his brother, Etienne was a real-estate agent in San Francisco.

“While I was in college, back in 2015, my brother took me and my dad to a real estate seminar. At the seminar, we learned about flipping houses, wholesaling, [and] apartment buildings,” Martel said. “From there, I became addicted to real estate.”

But there was one issue: Real estate in California had steep price tags, an obstacle that would make investing too expensive.

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