• Texas Democrats asked the President to protect doctors who dispense abortion-inducing medication.
  • Democrats said for most Texans traveling hundreds of miles for an abortion isn't a realistic option.
  • Over 50 lawmakers and abortion advocacy groups signed the letter.

Democrats in Texas on Saturday sent a letter to President Biden asking him to protect out-of-state providers who prescribe medical abortions. 

The legislators requested the president declare a public health emergency so these telehealth providers could dispense abortion-inducing medication, such as mifepristone and misoprostol, without interruption.

In the letter, Democrats wrote that, for most Texans, traveling hundreds of miles for an abortion is not a realistic option.

"Many will face financial barriers to arranging the lodging, childcare, and transportation necessary to get out-of-state. Additionally, some will face other barriers, such as immigration checkpoints, abusive partners, or mental health concerns. In order to support these Texans who will not be able to access care out of state, we must make sure Texans can access FDA-approved abortion medication inside state lines."

Some of the additional requests the legislators asked for included supporting abortion funds, establishing a federal program for providers to dispense medications used for abortions, and invoking the federal government's supremacy over state laws that conflict with the Food and Drug Administration-approved regimen for medical abortions.

Over 50 lawmakers, abortion advocacy groups, and political candidates signed the letter addressed to the White House.

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