• Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have became a part of most people’s everyday wardrobe.
  • Some people have opted to design their own masks using 3D printers or crochet sets.
  • Designers have created masks that are as much about fashion statements as keeping people safe.
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Who says you can’t look great while protecting yourself and others?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have became a part of most people’s wardrobes, and some people are having a little fun with it. Artists, designers, and everyday people have shown their creativity by turning face masks into art projects and expressions of identity.

Here are 28 of the most creative face masks from across the world.

An engineer turned a snorkeling mask into one that could be worn on the streets.

Foto: Mario Milanesio wearing his mask. Source: MARCO BERTORELLO/Getty Images

In Italy, engineer Mario Milanesio 3D-printed respiratory valve fittings onto his Decathlon snorkeling mask.

This artist in Austria creates masks based on pop culture and movies.

Foto: A "Joker" inspired mask. Source: Matthias Kretschmer

In Austria, artist Matthias Kretschmer has started creating face masks based on pop culture and movies to entertain himself. Kretschmer paints one mask per day, usually in the evenings, and posts them to social media so his friends and followers can see.

This mask has been bedazzled with jewels ...

Foto: A design by Tinka Weener.

Fashion and beauty photographer Tinka Weener wore the golden face mask, which covers her entire face behind a layer of jewelry.

... and this one looks like it could be worn by royalty.

Foto: Kennedy Gasper's Thailand-inspired mask.

Fashion designer Kennedy Gasper said his face mask and headdress were inspired by the fashion of Thailand.

This artist looks like a steampunk bounty hunter behind his mask.

Foto: Isaac Weston's copper creation.

Copper artist Isaac Weston, who has created some interesting designs like a copper Day of the Dead skull, told Insider he made this face mask as more of a joke to bring some joy to his followers.

This mask has been decorated with an assortment of rose petals ...

Foto: A woman wearing a mask with rose petals. Source: HAIDAR HAMDANI/Getty Images

In Iraq, a woman added color to her face mask.

... while this one is designed to look like a stuffed animal.

Foto: A child wearing an animal shaped mask. Source: AJENG DINAR ULFIANA/Reuters

This face mask in Indonesia is all ears.

This transparent mask makes it easier for hearing-impaired people to communicate with others.

Foto: A transparent face mask.

Created by Anissa Mekrabech in France, the mask is transparent, allowing hearing-impaired people to read the wearer's lips. A crowdfunding campaign was launched under the slogan, "Your lips are my ears."

This family in the Gaza Strip found another use for leftover vegetables, turning them into masks.

Foto: Cabbage face masks. Source: MOHAMMED ABED

A Palestinian mother used cabbage to create face masks for her children.

This traffic control member used a water jug as a makeshift mask ...

Foto: Water jug face mask. Source: Pacific Press/Getty Images

In Indonesia, a traffic control volunteer got creative with a large water jug, turning it into a mask he could wear while on the job.

... while these Chinese children wore plastic bottles on their faces.

Foto: Plastic bottle masks. Source: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

In China, children wore masks made from plastic bottles while they waited for a flight at Beijing Capital Airport on January 30, 2020.

This artist wore a mask that matched his tie.

Foto: Linx Alexander wearing a matching mask and tie. Source: KENA BETANCUR/Getty Images

When performing in Times Square, artist Linx Alexander wore a mask that matched his tie. Alexander has been referred to as "Tie Guy" because of art pieces he often wears around his neck.

In Gaza City, an artist gives N95 masks a distinct design.

Foto: Dorgham Krakeh at work.

To raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic, Palestinian artist Dorgham Krakeh paints different designs on face masks.

This crocheted mask has been given both a mustache and a smile.

Foto: Mansha Friedrich's design.

Artist Mansha Friedrich designed the face mask with exchangeable fabric inlays. She crocheted them with suns or smiles, and she gives them away to people.

In addition to a veil, this wedding dress comes with a matching face mask.

Foto: Friederike Jorzig's design.

The dress and face mask were designed by Friederike Jorzig in Berlin, Germany. The designer decided to create fashionable face masks for brides-to-be to wear on their special day.

A photographer created a face mask out of trash he found on the street.

Foto: Marcio Rodrigues used recyclables in his design.

Rather than to protect himself, fashion photographer Marcio Rodrigues wanted to make a statement about human waste and garbage. The items he used in his mask hadn't been picked up by trash collectors due to the coronavirus quarantine.

People have hid their lower faces behind graphics like a skull ...

Foto: Eric Ritter's mask.

In Beirut, fashion designer Eric Ritter wears his skull design.

... cartoon caricatures with exaggerated features ...

Foto: A woman with a colorful face mask.

In Venezuela, a woman wears a cartoon mask - it's as much a fashion statement as to comply with the government's order that people should wear face masks while in public.

.... and a clown who can't hide its tears.

Foto: A woman wearing a clown face mask.

Also in Venezuela, this woman wears a face mask of a crying clown.

This man didn't have a mask so he decided to wear his girlfriend's T-shirt instead ...

Foto: A mask made from a T-shirt. Source: Boston Globe/Getty Images

While on a walk with his girlfriend in Cambridge, the man wore a mask he created from his girlfriend's rolled up T-shirt and two rubber bands.

... while this man's mask consisted of just a napkin.

Foto: A man wearing a mask made from a napkin. Source: THOMAS COEX/Getty Images

In Sceaux, France, a man created a face mask from a napkin, although it doesn't appear to be very effective.

This fashion face mask has a zipper.

Foto: Wolfgang Schinke.

In Germany, Wolfgang Schinke and Pierre Zielinski put their own spin on face masks, creating a small line of couture pieces like the one with the zipper above.

The "Alien" franchise was the inspiration behind this facehugger mask.

Foto: Cristina Rodo's terrifying face mask.

The mask resembles the facehugger creature, which latches onto its victim's mouth in the movie franchise. This was the first and only face mask that designer Cristina Rodo created. She made it from merino wool in order to enter a coronavirus face mask competition.

In Uganda, this man's mask had an unique style.

Foto: A man wearing a mask. Source: SUMY SADURNI/Getty Images

In Kampala, this man hid the lower half of his face behind a circular, alternative mask.

This respirator mask was inspired by science fiction films.

Foto: Inkrider's face mask.

Designed by reddit user Inkrider, the face mask was created using a 3D printer.

A cardiologist's husband designed and 3D printed her a heart-shaped mask.

Foto: Allison Dupont wears her heart-themed mask.

As previously reported by Insider, Allison Dupont had this mask created for her by her husband, Drew. Allison, a cardiologist, works on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic where healthcare workers need N95 masks to protect against the virus. Allison and her husband have started donating the N95-equivalent masks to workers in the area and in hotspots across the country.

This crocheted face mask full of tongues is like a bizarre dream.

Foto: A knitted face mask by artist Ýrúrarí.

Icelandic artist Ýrúrarí created a series of mouth-themed masks that would make even Gene Simmons jealous.

This face mask is made from cardboard.

Foto: A Bumask in action.

According to the mask's website, the open-source face mask is designed to be a cheap and affordable alternative.