• During the coronavirus lockdown, Abbey Burns Tucker and her four daughters started drawing with chalk on the concrete outside their Georgia home.
  • After drawing different scenes, Tucker started photographing her youngest child in them so it looks like she’s flying over cityscapes or lounging on the beach.
  • The magical pictures have been liked and shared hundreds of times on Facebook.
  • “We just started drawing for fun and then saw how much people were really looking forward to seeing them each day so we decided to keep it going,” Tucker told Insider.
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Abbey Burns Tucker and her four daughters, Charlotte, 3, Montana, 7, Cheyenne, 10, and Aspen, 13, have been staying at home together since their state went into lockdown on April 2.

With most outdoor entertainment options out of the question, Tucker decided to take her daughters and some chalk outside so they could have some fun drawing on the concrete.

After drawing some colorful chalk landscapes, Tucker came up with the idea to pose her youngest daughter, Charlotte, within the designs to create cute and funny photos, which she then shared on her Facebook page.

Take a look at the Tucker’s adorable chalk art featuring her daughter Charlotte.

Abbey Burns Tucker, who lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her family, came up with a creative way to spend the coronavirus lockdown.

Foto: Tucker's daughter, Charlotte. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

Tucker is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys photography.

The family has been in lockdown together since the order went into effect in their state in April.

Foto: Charlotte in an underwater scene. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

Georgia has been on lockdown since April 2, but opened up again in late April.

To keep entertained, Tucker and her daughters started playing with chalk on the concrete outside their home.

Foto: Charlotte walks on a tightrope. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

It started when her oldest, Aspen, "drew some balloons while we were outside at the start of quarantine," she said.

Once they started creating designs, Tucker decided to photograph her youngest daughter, 3-year-old Charlotte, in the scenes.

Foto: Charlotte diving into the sea. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

"I took a photo of my youngest with them and loved it. We tried a few more and then we were hooked," she said.

Tucker gets inspiration from "adventures that we can't go on right now but would love to, like the beach."

Foto: Charlotte lounging on a beach. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

"I think that is where the magic happens. I have seen a lot better artwork out there but I think what is cool is that it truly looks like my little one is in the adventures," she said.

She also draws inspiration from the internet and cute outfits they have in Charlotte's closet.

Foto: Charlotte as Elsa. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker.

Above, Charlotte is dressed as Elsa from "Frozen" alongside a chalk version of her snowman sidekick, Olaf.

Charlotte very much enjoys being a part of the designs, her mom said.

Foto: Charlotte on a slide. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

"She's quite the little actress," Tucker said.

"My little one likes to get into character depending on the drawing," she said.

Foto: Charlotte catches a fish. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

In this drawing, Charlotte catches a fish that's bigger than she is.

"My older girls like to help with the drawings some of the time. My neighbors enjoy watching the process," she said.

Foto: Charlotte picks some fruit. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

Tucker also said that her neighbors enjoy "[seeing] the artwork, and me trying to get my 3-year-old in the right position and then the final product when I post it."

Tucker has been posting the photos on her Facebook page, where she's received hundreds of likes and comments.

Foto: Charlotte takes a snooze. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

One Facebook user commented, "I seriously look forward to seeing the daily creation!" Another wrote, "You are a rainbow for us. Thank you!"

"The media attention has been so much more than I ever imagined," she said.

Foto: Charlotte on a swing. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

"We just started drawing for fun and then saw how much people were really looking forward to seeing them each day so we decided to keep it going," she said.

"Strangers have left very heartfelt comments about how these drawings brighten their day," she said.

Foto: Charlotte staying strong. Source: Abbey Burns Tucker

"It really is amazing," she added.