• Luxury buildings in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York are now offering IV drips to tenants.
  • Once used in hospitals, these treatments have become popular at wellness centers and spas.
  • The global IV therapy market is projected to reach $3.92 billion by 2028.

Luxury residential buildings are now equipped with more than just hi-fi fitness centers, outdoor movie theaters, and dog spas — they're offering longevity hacks, too.

A growing number of high-end buildings in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York are offering IV drips to tenants, according to The New York Times. The luxury condominium unit One Manhattan Square offers five different IV drip formulas that range from $300 to $350. The Park — a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles where units can go for as much as $38,000 a month — has been offering IV treatments since 2023.

Intravenous treatments have long been used in hospitals to administer drugs to patients. But in recent years they've become a fixture at medical spas, wellness centers, and longevity clinics as a way for clients to hydrate or get a boost of minerals or supplements.

Drip providers say patients must stay consistent with their treatments to see optimal results — hence their move even closer to home.

"If you are a healthy person, you really can't do it too often, unless you're doing it three or four times a day," Danielle Remington, director of events and partnerships at Drip Hydration, the service provider for the Park Santa Monica, told the Times.

Patients gravitate to these treatments because they have an instant impact without needing a lot of downtime, clinic directors previously told Business Insider. By 2028, the global IV therapy market is expected to reach $3.92 billion, according to projections from The Business Research Company.

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