• Olabisi Boyle is vice president of product planning and mobility strategy at Hyundai Motor North America.
  • She starts each day by walking her dogs and scheduling 'hold' time to mentally debrief.
  • Here's what her morning routine is like, as told to writer Robin Madell.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Olabisi Boyle, the vice president of product planning and mobility strategy at Hyundai Motor North America who lives in Laguna Beach, California. It has been edited for length and clarity.

I try to take advantage of the early morning by reviewing and preparing for my daily meetings.

I start work between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m., but wake up at 5 a.m. to give myself time to breathe

Before work, I either go on a morning walk around the block with my two dogs, meditate, or work out to get my body and mind moving. This quiet morning time in nature allows me to reflect and bring fresh air into my heart each day.

I'm currently working between both Hyundai headquarters in Orange County, California, and my home in Laguna Beach, depending on the day's schedule.

I use my laptop and phone for my schedule and to-do list

I typically use the Apple calendar app to organize meetings and to-dos. I've recently switched from taking notes on paper to using a digital "Moleskine-like" tablet called the reMarkable 2. I love it — it allows me to take notes, organize, and best of all, doodle!

The first task I do each morning is check my schedule and organize urgent priorities

From the moment I sit down to start work, I schedule time to check in on my year-long goals and progress, which includes prioritizing our electrification and mobility initiatives with our CEO, executive team, director leads, and staff. 

Everything I do ties into these initiatives, so it's important to start my mornings by breaking down what needs to be done in order to achieve our goals.

On Monday morning I check in with our CEO and executive team, while other mornings involve checking in with admin and director leads. Having face time helps us all stay connected and aligned on the broader company vision. 

I always make space for 'hold' time and 1:1 meetings outside of the office

Hold time is when I can step away from my desk, debrief, and let my mind wander. I usually spend this time out in nature, and in the afternoon, I head to the beach to watch the sunset with my husband, son, and two dogs. I value the peace and serenity that the beach brings me.

This protected time-out helps me reflect and feel more inspired to think through work issues or project goals.

Having 1:1's as in-person lunch meetings helps me bond and catch up with my team, and also gives us an opportunity to chat over the latest Hyundai vehicle that we drive to our lunch spot.

Once my schedule is organized, I jump into work.

Having this morning routine helps me approach each day with a positive attitude, regardless of what unexpected twists and turns come my way. It also helps me make sure I get the right things done first while maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal time.

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