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  • Lisa Andrea launched a financial blog in 2021 and consistently books $8,000 in monthly revenue. 
  • Now might feel like a scary time to invest, but it’s a great time to get your financial strategy in place, she said.
  • Andrea outlines 9 of the easiest ways to earn passive income, including eBay and stocks.

By the time Lisa Andrea was 15 years old, she was making hundreds of dollars a month selling old clothes on eBay. Today, as a 34-year-old entrepreneur, those earnings have turned into thousands of dollars and inspiration for her business. 

She took her experience building passive income streams and teaching herself the fundamentals of financial literacy to launch the financial-advice blog The Financial Cookbook in February 2021. Through her company, Andrea teaches other women how to scale their income and find financial freedom. 

Her business, which she runs as a side hustle, booked $8,000 in revenue in May, which Insider verified with documentation. What’s more, she makes additional income through investing in stocks and real estate.

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