Placing an international call on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is no more complicated than making a domestic call, with one exception.

The exception is that you need to tell your cellular provider that you’re making an international call, by adding a prefix before the phone number. You’ll need a plus sign, and the country code of whatever international number you’re calling – for example, +44 for the United Kingdom, or +84 for Vietnam.

For a full list of country codes, check out this helpful guide.

You may remember that in the past, you needed to use what was known as a country exit code (which varied by country). With smartphones like the Galaxy S10, that’s no longer necessary. Instead, the plus sign replaces it.

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How to dial international on a Samsung Galaxy S10

Again, to make an international call, you need to enter two things before the local number: a plus sign, and the international country code for whatever country you're trying to dial.

1. To enter the plus sign, tap and hold the zero on the phone's dial pad. After a moment, the plus sign will appear.

2. Enter the country code for the country you're calling. If you don't already have this info, you can easily Google it ("country code for France").

3. Enter the rest of the local number, and press the green call button when you're ready.

How to dial international on a Samsung Galaxy S10 1

Foto: A call to France would look like this, in which the 5's represent the local number in France you are trying to reach.sourceDave Johnson/Business Insider

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