Michael Jordan’s 10-part documentary series, “The Last Dance,” premieres Sunday, April 19 on ESPN.

The series, released two months early because of the NBA season’s indefinite pause, will feature never-before-seen footage of Jordan’s last season (1997-98) with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan is one of the most celebrated figures in popular culture and almost universally regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, wrote Business Insider’s Danny Bakst. Since he retired in 2003, he has built the most successful and lucrative career Business Insider has ever seen from a former athlete.

While he made less than $100 million during his career as the NBA’s greatest player of all time, he’s been a billionaire since 2014. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $2.1 billion.

He's living a lavish retirement, spending his days in sprawling houses, riding custom planes, and golfing on his own golf course.

But as much as Jordan is spending, his wealth also keeps growing. Here are nine mind-blowing facts that show just how rich he is.

1. With $1.85 billion in career earnings, Michael Jordan is the highest-paid athlete of all time.

Foto: Source: Alan Mothner/AP

Jordan still makes more money than LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, or any other active player.

2. Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets in 2010 for $175 million, a move that made him a billionaire.


The Hornets have since skyrocketed in value, and Jordan officially became a billionaire in 2014 when the NBA franchise's value rose.

He owns 97% of the equity in the club. Jordan did sell a minority stake in the club in 2019 that valued the team at $1.5 billion, but he reportedly has no interest in giving up control of the team.

3. As of 2015, Jordan was reportedly making $100 million a year from Nike royalties alone.


Jordan also has sponsorship deals with Hanes, Gatorade, and Upper Deck 16 years post-retirement, according to Forbes.

4. Jordan's $2.1 billion net worth is greater than the GDP of Belize.


Belize's GDP is $2.07 billion.

5. He's so rich that an average American spending $1 is similar to Jordan spending $21,582.


The median net worth of an average US household is $97,300. Dividing Jordan's net worth of $2.1 billion by $97,300 comes to about $21,582.

6. At that rate, buying the typical house in the US would cost Jordan just over $13.


The median home value in the US is $282,000. Dividing that by $21,582 comes to about $13.

7. In 2019, Jordan earned roughly $34,246 an hour, according to Business Insider calculations.


Business Insider found the difference between Jordan's 2019 and 2020 net worths, $1.8 billion and $2.1 billion, respectively (as provided by the Forbes' 2018 and 2019 richest people in the world lists, published every March) to determine his annual earnings. Jordan's annual earnings came to roughly $300 million.

We then divided this estimated annual earnings figure by 8,760, the number of hours in a year, to calculate how much he earned an hour.

8. In less than an hour-and-a-half, Jordan makes what it takes the full-time median US worker a year to earn — $48,328.


That's based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In one and a half hours exactly, Jordan makes $51,369, according to Business Insider's calculations.

9. It took Jordan two days and 16 hours to earn what the average American man with a bachelor's degree will earn in his lifetime — $2.2 million, according to the Social Security Administration.


That means Jordan earned the average college-educated American man's lifetime earnings in less than a week.

The average American woman with a bachelor's degree will earn $1.3 million in her lifetime, according to the SSA.