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Before we get to that — in late February, Insider launched an industry first: The Refresh from Insider, a podcast that's updated in real time throughout the day with the latest news. The hosts Rebeca Ibarra and Dave Smith have a quick word on how it's going so far.

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A chat between the hosts of The Refresh from Insider

Dave Smith: Rebeca, can you believe our show has been running for almost six months now?

Rebeca Ibarra: Six months, six years — what even is time?!

Dave: What do you mean, 2022 has been such a snooze!

Rebeca: Bahaha. Our show literally launched four days after Russia invaded Ukraine. Remember your beautiful interview with a Ukrainian couple, where the woman fled to Greece and the husband stayed behind? What other stories have stuck with you?

Dave: Well, I just had a great talk with Matt Weinberger, deputy editor on Insider's tech team, about the race between Apple and Meta to build and dominate the metaverse. It's basically a rerun of the Mac-versus-PC wars.

Rebeca: Making a comeback like low-rise jeans and Bennifer!

Dave: Yes... Yes, just like that. [Looks around, seeking help.]

Dave: Also, let's not forget our very important, seminal take on goblin mode, when we learned that in the pandemic you used one bowl for everything from coffee to mac and cheese.

Rebeca: And on that note — off to lunch.

Dave: Listen to The Refresh from Insider here!

Inside the tumult at Goldman Sachs' Marcus

Foto: Anna Kim/Insider

More than five years after launching its first product, Goldman's digital bank, Marcus, is burning cash with no signs of turning a profit. Executives reportedly expect it to lose another $1.2 billion this year.

Roughly a dozen former execs, junior employees, consultants, and others familiar with Marcus told Insider the unit's dysfunction extends deeper than its expenses — and includes tension between execs and high turnover.

What insiders are saying about Marcus.

A "messy" end to a Facebook contractor's job

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004. Foto: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Late last month, people contracted through Accenture to work for Facebook were laid off without severance. The layoffs affected workers in Austin, Texas, one of Facebook's relatively new hubs.

Workers said that before the cuts they saw their perks evaporate and their work habits monitored more intensely, and in some cases were put on more performance-improvement plans.

What we know about the cuts.

Lawsuit claims to unveil crypto founder "Zeus"

Foto: IStock; Vicky Leta/Insider

There's a lot of money sloshing around tony Weston, Connecticut. And a new lawsuit suggests the founders of a notorious crypto project that once held $800 million live there, too.

The identity of one of OlympusDAO's founders, known only as Zeus, has been a subject of speculation. Jayson Liang, who filed the lawsuit, says he was an early backer of OlympusDAO who was cheated out of millions by the organization and its founders — and his lawyers claim to have found Zeus.

Here's what the lawsuit says.

The who's who of Oracle's cloud leadership

Larry Ellison is Oracle's chairman. Foto: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oracle recently began layoffs that could affect thousands of employees globally, primarily in its marketing, advertising, and customer-experience units. But insiders said Oracle Cloud Infrastructure had been virtually unaffected.

Leaked org charts show Oracle's cloud leaders after major organizational changes at the company. The chart features the people who report up to Larry Ellison as well as Don Johnson, Oracle's cloud and AI leader.

Check out the Oracle cloud org chart.

Plus, for more of our latest coverage of Oracle:

This week's quote:

"There are certain things that I would probably not do again. But I don't apologize for things I've done in my life."

Paul Manafort, in an exclusive interview with Insider.

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