• Grimes slammed Mark Zuckerberg's plans for the Metaverse on Friday via Twitter.
  • The singer said the CEO is under-qualified for the job and his Metaverse avatar is "bad art."
  • Last week, Zuckerberg was mocked after he shared a photo of his new avatar for the platform.

Grimes slammed Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, calling the Facebook founder "under-qualified" to launch the metaverse.

"If zuck 'oversees the Metaverse' it is dead and people who care about art and culture are building something else," the singer tweeted.

Grimes, who's legal name is Claire Boucher, made the statement in response to an article on Zuckerberg's recent interview with Joe Rogan. 

Outside of her music, Grimes has been known to dabble in visual arts. Last year, she sold a series of NFTs for nearly $6 million. The singer is also known for her love of video games and sci-fi and fantasy culture — even saying recently that she wants to modify her ears to look more elf-like. 

But, for a virtual reality that is designed to cater to gamers and fantasy lovers, Zuckerberg's Metaverse has far from sold Grimes. She also took a dig at the Meta CEO's recent avatar release.

'This is bad art," Grimes tweeted. "The quality of this image alone speaks to how wildly under qualified he is to build alternate reality, literally every indie game looks better."

Last week, Zuckerberg posted an image of his Metaverse avatar on Facebook and social-media users were quick to mock the image, calling it "dead-eyed" and "creepy."

Several days later Zuckerberg attempted to address the issue by sharing a different version of the avatar on Instagram. 

"I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic -- it was taken very quickly to celebrate a launch," Zuckerberg wrote. "The graphics in Horizon are capable of much more -- even on headsets -- and Horizon is improving very quickly."

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Zuckerberg announced he was pivoting to focus on creating a metaverse company late last year. He has said the Metaverse will be an all encompassing world where people can interact via digital avatars — even recreate an office environment from home — all while wearing augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets. 

Earlier this year, the Facebook founder admitted the project will lose "significant" sums of money for up to the next five years.

The future of virtual reality communities like Decentraland have been called into question in the past. Earlier this month, billionaire Mark Cuban called virtual real estate "the dumbest shit ever."

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