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  • Getir employees say the startup’s 10-minute-delivery goal creates a harsh, unsafe work environment.
  • They say couriers get injured on the road and others are fired for not packing orders fast enough.
  • Employees worry Getir won’t survive 2022 as the ultrafast-grocery space falls apart.

In March, the rapid-delivery service Getir was on a tear.

As other ultrafast players like Fridge No More and Buyk folded, Getir, founded in Turkey, had reached “decacorn” status, raising $768 million for a $12.5 billion valuation. That made it the second most valuable ultrafast-delivery player behind Gopuff, valued at $15 billion.

But current and former Getir employees said even as the firm was raising three-quarters of a billion dollars in funding, it was clear the company’s financial model was unsustainable and that its grueling internal culture was chewing through employees at an increasingly fast clip. 

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