• Recently revealed texts from Elon Musk included conversations with a contact 'TJ.'
  • The texts were from Elon Musk's ex-wife, Talulah Jane Riley, Bloomberg reported.
  • In the weeks before his Twitter offer, she called on Musk to "fight woke-ism'' at the company.

Elon Musk's ex-wife Talulah Riley texted the billionaire about his Twitter acquisition weeks before he announced his plans to buy the company, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Riley, who's middle name is Jane, is the mysterious "TJ" that texted Musk, asking him to "buy Twitter and make it radically free speech," the publication said, citing sources familiar with the issue. The texts were released as a part of the pretrial discovery process in Twitter's lawsuit against Musk. They are some of hundreds of messages between Musk and top names in media and finance, including Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff, and Joe Rogan.

A spokesperson for Riley did not respond to a request for comment from Insider ahead of publication.

"Can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!? xx" Riley allegedly texted Musk on March 24. "America is going INSANE."

At the time, Musk had become the largest shareholder of Twitter and had been invited to join its board of directors. It wasn't until April 14 that the billionaire offered to purchase the social media company.

In the texts, "TJ" called social media the "scourge of modern life" and dubbed Twitter "worst of all."

"It's very easy to exploit and is being used by radicals for social engineering on a massive scale. And this shit is infecting the world," the text to Musk reads. "Please do do something to fight woke-ism. I will do anything to help!"

"Absolutely," Musk responded. "What we have right now is hidden corruption!"

The messages that are allegedly from Riley went on to criticize Twitter for suspending the conservative satirical site The Babylon Bee, calling it "crazy" and "stupidity."

"Raiyah and I were talking about it today," Musk's contact texted. "It was a fucking joke. Why has everyone become so puritanical?" Bloomberg reported that Riley's Raiyah is a reference to Raiyah Bint Al-Hussein, the Princess of Jordan.

The Babylon Bee was suspended for 12 hours on March 21 after it mocked transgender government official Rachel Levine by awarding her the title of "Man of the Year." At the time, Musk polled his followers about free speech. The billionaire sat down for an interview with the satirical site in December.

"Maybe buy it and change it to properly support free speech xx," Musk texted back.

Riley is a British actress, who is most recognized for minor roles in "Westworld" and "Inception," as well as for playing Mary Bennet in the 2005 adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice." The actress married Musk twice, but most recently divorced him in 2016.

On Monday, Musk made a U-turn on his decision to abandon his Twitter purchase, but the social media company has yet to accept the offer. On Wednesday, the judge presiding over the case said in a court filing that the case will continue in the meantime.

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