• Gov. Ron DeSantis predicted a cold war between Florida and Georgia if Stacey Abrams wins the governor's race.
  • He went on to reference Raul Castro, former communist leader of Cuba, during his speech.
  • Both Abrams and DeSantis are running election campaigns in their respective states.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that a southern "cold war" could happen if Stacey Abrams wins Georgia's governor's race in November.

During a press conference Friday in Gulf County, Florida, while promoting a workforce development event, DeSantis spoke about the race in Georgia, seemingly encouraging Georgia residents to make sure they cost Abrams the election.

"If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia," he said. "I can't have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north, that would be a disaster," he said, adding: "So I hope you guys take care of that and we'll end up in good shape."

DeSantis was apparently referencing Raul Castro, the former Cuban president who retired in April 2021.

Abrams is running against incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue in Georgia for the midterm elections in November. Abrams ran for governor in a highly publicized race in 2018 but lost to Kemp. 

DeSantis is also running his own race as he seeks reelection for governor of Florida. In late March, he signed into law a controversial bill commonly known by critics as the "Don't Say Gay" bill. The bill, touted as a tool for parental rights in schools, is just one of the numerous bills affecting LGBTQ rights across the country. 

Abrams and DeSantis could not immediately be reached for comment.

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