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  • Timothy Ruth focuses on investing in undervalued blockchain protocols with solid fundamentals. 
  • He looks for global issues and then figures out which projects will address these problems. 
  • Ruth then examines their market cap and determines whether there’s a lot of room for growth. 

Timothy Ruth began investing in stocks in 2007, but after witnessing bitcoin’s explosive growth in 2019 he began to take a serious interest in the crypto market. He realized that regardless of how volatile the burgeoning cryptocurrency was, bitcoin’s chart was still predictable.

While Ruth was getting his bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics from the Naval Academy, he had access to a career starter loan — a chunk of money he used to invest in stocks. That is, until he got completely wrecked during the 2008 stock-market crash.

After that, a professor at the academy who was also a successful trader offered to teach him and some of his classmates technical analysis. That was when Ruth said he learned to trade regardless of market conditions.

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