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  • It’s rare for top asset management firms to share their take on bitcoin outside of client notes and meetings.
  • We asked four legacy and investing heavyweights to answer five burning investor questions on the asset as the price skyrockets.
  • All four firms – Rathbones, Fidelity Digital Assets, Mirabaud Securities and Barclays Private Bank – have seen a surge in client questions on bitcoin.

When bitcoin’s price jumped to $22,500 in the middle of December last year, the cryptocurrency started to hit the headlines again and investors started asking whether they should be invested in bitcoin.

Put that question into Google and a range of opinions can be found from early adopters, retail investors and crypto skeptics. However, perspectives from top investment firms are harder to find, especially if investors aren’t clients.

So at Insider, we asked strategists and researchers at four major asset management firms to answer some of the most burning questions on bitcoin that investors are asking as the cryptocurrency’s price skyrockets.

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