• The spring season is here, and billionaires are switching up their style for the warmer weather.
  • Italian brands, trendy sneakers, and more are catching the eyes of the elite.
  • Here's what the best of Silicon Valley are wearing in 2024.

The world's wealthiest bosses are stepping out to an array of social events this spring, and their style choices are indicative of what's trending among the top 1%.

Tech billionaires are stepping it up from the basic t-shirt and jeans they're known for donning. Today, they accessorize with sunglasses, unique outerwear, and sometimes flashy watches.

"They're getting a little more attention, and I think they like it," Victoria Hitchcock, a fashion lifestylist and personal brander in the San Francisco Bay area, told Business Insider. 

She added: "All of a sudden, they're standing out as potential future icons in areas they never intended to go."

Look no further than Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a real example of this fashion upgrade to his techy street style. The Facebook founder might still be wearing the classic t-shirt and jeans, but he's recently opted to pair it with a chain necklace and New Balance sneakers.

Hitchcock told BI that Zuck's new style is part of a larger "strategy" over the last few years to "make him approachable and show that he's a fun guy."

Here's what Zuckerberg and his fellow wealthy tech titans are wearing this spring, according to style experts.

The shacket

Bill Gates, 68, remains on trend with what his fellow tech bosses are wearing. Foto: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

In March, Bill Gates was spotted in a navy top while sitting in the crowd of a tennis match. At first glance, it's a basic collared shirt, but the Microsoft founder is right on trend with the look the men of Silicon Valley are going for.

"It looks formal, like an old dress shirt, but they're actually knit, so it's got a much more casual vibe," Hitchcock said.

Sometimes referred to as a shacket, the top is thick enough to be considered outerwear but can be styled as a shirt on its own.

It's unclear exactly where Gates picked up his shacket.

Hitchcock's clients, who include wealthy tech bosses in San Francisco, often opt for the luxury Italian brand Herno when purchasing similar clothing.

And Bob's Watches CEO Paul Altieri said it's intentional that the top dogs are choosing to wear "clothing that has no name at all" on its exterior. The choices are in line with the quiet luxury trend that continues to dominate runways and street style.

Their favorite sneaker brands

Sneakers from the brand Y-3 (right) are popular among Hitchcock's clients, and were recently worn by Sergey Brin. Foto: Getty Image; On; End Clothing

Google founder Sergey Brin recently went down a red carpet wearing sneakers with his suit, and it's certainly not uncommon for tech execs to keep it casual.

"We have seen a decline in interest for limited edition sneakers, while interest in low-key luxury sneakers from George Esquivel and the Zegna Triple Stitch remain high," Nicole Pollard Bayme, CEO of LA-based styling firm Lalaluxe, said.

The New Balance sneakers — particularly popular with Gen Z right now — worn by Zuckerberg could be a hint that billionaires are also paying attention to current style trends.

And there's On, a brand that has more recently taken over the shopping lists of Hitchcock's clients over the last three years. Shoes from On go for less than $200.

Sporty sunglasses are in

Sunglasses from Nike cost around $100 on the website. Foto: Getty Images

As for accessories, sporty metal-frame sunglasses are a favorite for men, especially when billionaires are attending outdoor sporting events.

It's no surprise that Nike founder Phil Knight blocks the sun with his own brand, but the silhouette of the shades is a great example of today's trends.

"When they're watching sports, they're not going to wear higher-end quality tortoise frames," Hitchcock said. "They go for metal, which is really funny because I don't think women switch out their glasses for sporting events."

The women in charge want kitten heels and expensive jewelry

Manolo Blahnik shoes go for around $900 brand new. Foto: Victoria Hitchcock; Oscar Heyman

As for her female clients, Hitchcock said they're going for understated shoe options and eye-catching jewelry.

It's kitten heels — oftentimes Manolo Blahnik — with their jeans and blazers completed with "high-end luxury" jewelry for the elite women of Silicon Valley.

For example, a cat's eye chrysoberyl gem ring with 26 diamonds from jeweler Oscar Heyman (pictured above) runs her clients about $320,000.

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