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  • Adrian Zduńczyk says he’s betting on five altcoins for the next “legendary” altcoin season.
  • He told Insider some are undervalued and have room to grow, while others are great projects.
  • He adds that betting on speculative projects is risky, and keeps positions at 15% of his portfolio.

Adrian Zduńczyk is a technical crypto analyst who gawks at price charts all day long. His main goal is to determine where a crypto’s price might go next. And right now, he has his eye on what he says is an upcoming “legendary” altcoin season.

A legendary altcoin season is when cryptocurrencies outperform bitcoin and see their prices surge by as much as 100 times, he explained. This event typically occurs once a year or once every three years.

Once bitcoin hits a peak price point, altcoins tend to enter a bull market a few weeks or months later. It follows the idea that investors take their bitcoin gains and throw them at altcoins that are more speculative and riskier, but have the potential to rake in high returns.

Premium content ophalen