Dr. Hunter Finn's helpful pet-care tips have helped him gain a huge following on TikTok.
Dr. Hunter Finn's helpful pet-care tips have helped him gain a huge following on TikTok.
  • Dr. Hunter Finn is a veterinarian based in Arlington, Texas.
  • Since joining TikTok in March, Finn has amassed 1 million followers from sharing common mistakes pet owners make.
  • Finn spoke to Insider about his most popular videos, which include products pet owners should avoid and objects pets should never ingest.
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Pet owners can’t get enough of a TikTok-famous veterinarian who answers people’s burning questions about taking care of their furry friends.

Dr. Hunter Finn, who is based in Arlington, Texas, has been practicing veterinary medicine since June 2019. He started sharing videos on his TikTok account @dr.hunterfinn in March, and he has since amassed more than a million followers on the app.

Whether it’s a video on animal trivia facts — such as how dogs’ wet noses help their sense of smell — or tips for first-time pet owners, TikTok users seem to love Finn’s expertise.

Finn told Insider that some of his most-viewed videos address common mistakes he sees from his own clients, such as buying pet toys that can be choking hazards, or not understanding pet food labels. 

Pet owners should steer clear of rawhide or double-layered toys

In one of his TikTok videos, Finn points out which pet toys can be hazardous.  

"Absolutely never buy rawhides with double-layered ends. These are absolute choking or surgical hazards," Finn says in his TikTok video.

"And if it's too hard to slap on your knee, it's too hard for your pet to chew on," Finn said of pet toys.

He also said that treats with certified dental benefits will have a stamp from the Veterinary Oral Health Council, which means the product is effective in reducing plaque and tartar when used as directed.

"The products I posted in my video are related to problems that I see people coming in with and having issues with in a hospital setting, like the different bones and rawhides," Finn said. 

Owners shouldn't get wrapped up in flashy pet food packaging, but they should read the ingredients lists

In another video, Finn shows how some pet food marketing tactics can often be misleading.

He said that certain words on pet food packaging, including "premium" and "gourmet," are not regulated by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, a branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) that creates guidelines for pet food marketing.

Finn said, however, that the word "natural" is regulated by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. This means that the product is required to meet guidelines in order to publish the word on its packaging. 

Just like people, pets also need to have daily hygiene rituals

The TikTok-famous vet also helps pet owners by sharing hacks that make taking care of their furry friends easier — such as in one video, where he demonstrates how owners can help freshen their dog or cat's breath.

His tips include brushing their teeth daily, giving them dental chews, and water additives — different ingredients with dental benefits that are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.


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Finn says that helping pet owners has been the most rewarding part of his newfound TikTok fame.

"The number of people who have told me that I've helped them with something or they watched one of my videos and it led them to check out a problem at their vet — that is huge to me," Finn said.

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