• A British Airways passenger told Insider that she is still missing luggage 19 days after her flight.
  • Susie Mullen said staff in Corsica told her no hold luggage had boarded the flight from Heathrow.
  • She said that her partner's luggage arrived after a few days, but hers never showed up.

A British Airways passenger says she still hasn't got her luggage back nearly three weeks after her flight.

Susie Mullen told Insider that she flew from London Heathrow to Bastia Airport on the French island of Corsica on June 18. She said it wasn't until after she'd landed that British Airways staff told her they hadn't brought any hold luggage on the plane.

Mullen said that after waiting a while at the baggage carousel at Bastia for her suitcase to arrive she "realized that nobody's bag was coming.

"I went to the BA desk to avoid the rush. And it was when I got to the BA desk, I was told that there were no bags on that flight."

Mullen said that after two or three days her partner's bag arrived at the airport, but hers never showed up and she had to spend around 200 euros ($204) on replacement products.

"We didn't have sun cream, we didn't have toiletries," she said. "It ruined our holiday."

Mullen said that when she had arrived at Heathrow to check in her bag, airport staff were asking passengers to line their luggage up under pieces of paper with flight numbers on.

"I didn't have much confidence that my luggage was actually going to arrive because it was never really properly checked in so I took a little bit of stuff out my suitcase," she said.

Mullen said that British Airways told her last Tuesday that her bag was at Heathrow, that the airline was waiting for a courier to collect it, and that it should be with her within the next 48 hours. She said she was then told on Thursday morning that it was actually still in Corsica and would be flown to London on Saturday.

Mullen said that she completed a compensation claim form on Saturday, but is yet to hear back about it. She added that she had tried to call British Airways nine times on Sunday to ask about her luggage but "couldn't get through," and said she'd spent two and a half hours on hold to the airline since then.

"We've been in touch with the customer directly to resolve the matter and are doing everything we can to reunite them with their bag as soon as possible," a British Airways spokesperson told Insider. "We apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused."

Mullen said that she and her partner had booked their flights last-minute using points after their original EasyJet flight from Gatwick was canceled around five hours before it was scheduled to depart.

Mullen's missing luggage comes amid a period of mounting travel chaos, including other passengers who say they've been left for days without their suitcases.

Flights have been canceled, delayed, and changed because of a combination of labor shortages at both airports and airlines, staff strikes, technical problems, and bad weather. In some cases, passengers have been left standing in line for security for hours or have struggled to contact customer services.

British Airways said on Wednesday it's canceling 10,300 short-haul flights this summer, bringing the airline's total cuts from its summer schedule to almost 30,000. BA tweeted Wednesday that it was "experiencing high call volumes due to current disruption."

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