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  • Sally Miller created a thriving career from self-publishing books on Amazon. 
  • In January, she made $9,000 in royalties, her highest amount to date. 
  • She shared the five steps for marketing self-published books, including how she builds a 8,000-person following. .

When it comes to marketing her books, self-published author Sally Miller practices the 80/20 rule: In many events 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

“I’ve tried lots of things and I’ve stuck with the ones that moved the needle the most for me,” said Miller, whose written and co-authored 15 titles which typically teach readers how they can make money from various entrepreneurial efforts, like Airbnb or ghostwriting.

Before picking up her pen, Miller worked as a stay-at-home mom, business analyst, life coach, and project manager. What started as an experiment blossomed into a successful new career: Miller made $9,000 in royalties in January, her highest amount to date, according to documents viewed by Insider.

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