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  • Greg Yeutter is the inventor and owner of the Bedtime Bulb, an Amazon’s Choice product and finalist for Amazon’s first Small Business Owner Under 30 award.
  • After he researched the effects of light on human health as a student in electrical engineering with Drexel University’s dLUX Lab, Yeutter founded his company to fix what he saw as an “epidemic” of bad sleep.
  • Business Insider spoke with Yeutter to hear how he was able to launch his product on Amazon, become an award finalist, and adapt quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
  • Yeutter shared the strategies and resources he used to grow his business, starting with the reason his company exists: Entrepreneurs – and anyone else – should make sure they’re getting enough sleep.

Greg Yeutter says his first word as a baby was “light.”

As a toddler, he was fascinated with light switches and ceiling fixtures, even when other kids around him were listening with rapt attention to story time.

As a college student, Yeutter studied the effects of light on human health with Drexel University’s dLUX Lab , which investigates how light affects life in the modern world.

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