Good morning! Here’s what you need to know in markets on Wednesday.

1. European shares will move in a tight range going into the year-end and throughout 2019, a Reuters poll showed, as slowing growth, political risks and worries over Washington’s protectionist policies keep investors on the sidelines.

2. The US ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson, said that Britain’s exit from the European Union is for the British people to decide, but the United States remains keen to work out a trade deal with the UK, The Times reported on Tuesday, citing an essay written by Johnson for the newspaper.

3. BMW is considering a second US manufacturing plant that could produce engines and transmissions, CEO Harald Krueger said on Tuesday, shortly after a report that US President Donald Trump would impose tariffs on imported cars from next week.

4. "Facebook has a black people problem."A former employee has written a 2,500-word memo to his colleagues detailing what he perceives as just a few of the problems at the social-media giant.

5. President Donald Trump claims job losses at General Motors are the Federal Reserve's fault.Trump has blamed Fed chairman Jerome Powell for layoffs at General Motors as well as the stock market's recent wobbles.

6. Apple is having its worst month since the financial crisis a decade ago. Here are five reasons why and a bonus reason why it doesn't matter.

7. Climate scientists are roasting Trump over his cool reaction to climate change report.Trump said he does not believe the critical report that his administration produced, and scientists have much to say about this.

8. Russia has broadcast on state TV the confessions of "provocative" Ukrainian sailors.The bizarre confessions are the latest twist in a Crimean crisis that looks increasingly difficult to defuse.

9. Trump says US troops can probably stay out of the Middle East. "We're producing more oil now."

10. Here are all the ways Trump's trade war is hurting America.