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  • Alexis Ohanian’s VC fund Seven Seven Six led a $15.2 million Series A round for virtual avatar company Itsme.
  • Itsme is a social media app that lets users communicate through digital avatars.
  • Ohanian tells Insider how he’s helping Itsme navigate obstacles that plagued earlier social media apps.

Without Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, there would be no Reddit. If there were no Reddit, Aakash Sastry never would have befriended John Mullan on a subreddit about computer graphics.

And, if Sastry and Mullan didn’t become friends, they never would have teamed up to fix the mistakes that the social media behemoths, like Reddit, made the first time around.

“I really believe that Aakash and John fulfill a potential that I have looked for most of my life,” Ohanian said. “Which is the potential, through the internet, to do tremendous good.”

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