Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stage 2021
Conservative Political Action Conference stage.
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  • Nick Fuentes was removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Saturday.
  • But several other far-right figures were seen at the event, including Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.
  • Donald Trump is due to speak at the conference on Sunday.
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Far-right white nationalist Nick Fuentes was removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on Saturday.

Although organizers removed Fuentes from the event, a range of far-right figures have been seen attending the conference, including members of the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

CPAC is an annual gathering of top US conservatives, with former president Donald Trump due to speak on Sunday.

In a video posted to Twitter by Patriot Takes, Nick Fuentes can be seen outside CPAC with a group of his supporters chanting "Groyper."

Groypers are a group of white nationalist and far-right activists, headed by Fuentes, whose goal is to bring far-right politics into mainstream conservatism.

In the video, Fuentes announced his plan to host a rival press conference, which he promised would be his "most unchained speech ever."

"I'm off Twitter. I have nothing to lose. This is going to be the most racist, most sexist, the most anti-Semitic, the most Holocaust-denying speech in all of Dallas this weekend," Fuentes said, to enthusiastic cheers from his supporters.

On Friday, Fuentes' Twitter account was suspended for "repeated violations."

The video shows Fuentes and his supporters walking into CPAC while chanting "America first" and "white boy summer." Fuentes briefly gained access before being kicked out.

Although the 22-year-old agitator was barred from the event, members from other far-right groups were seen in attendance over the course of the weekend, including Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers militia, and at least two members of the Proud Boys.

The Daily Beast reported that some CPAC attendees were openly boasting about participating in the Capitol insurrection.

"I'm here to instigate freedom like I did on the lawn on January 6 when I climbed the media tower while they shot tear gas at my feet," Duane Schwingel, an activist who dresses up as a patriotic character called Uncle Jam, said, according to The Daily Beast.

QAnon merchandise was also seen on sale at the event.

A 7-point-plan to reinstate Donald Trump as president was also being handed out at CPAC.

The lineup of speakers included Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump allies.

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