A UK billboard shows three "emo" renditions of the famous Wendy's logo.
A mural shows three "emo" renditions of the famous Wendy's logo. the public voted and the face on the right, with the edgy black highlights, was the favorite.Wendy's UK
  • Wendy's revealed a new "emo" version of its iconic logo at its recently opened Camden location in London. 
  • The logo shows an edgier, punk version of the classic pig-tailed, freckle-faced Wendy. 
  • Wendy's made its debut in the UK earlier this year as it eyes ongoing global expansion. 

The famous Wendy's logo looks a bit edgier than usual at the fast-food chain's newest UK location. 

Photos emerged earlier this week of signage bearing an "emo" version of the iconic pig-tailed, freckle-faced redhead outside a Wendy's restaurant in London's hip Camden neighborhood.

Wendy's UK first teased the new logo in an Instagram post shared on June 16, showing a street artist painting a mural of three renditions of a punk Wendy — one with a spiked hair-do, one with a partially shaved head, and another with side-swept black highlights.

All featured the classic red hair, freckles, and blue-and-white collar, designed in the image of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas's eponymous daughter

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The post was followed by a crowdsourced vote on the new face of the Camden Wendy's - and the face with the edgy black highlights took the title. The image debuted outside the Camden location when it opened this week. 

The reveal caused a stir on Twitter, where several users posted photos of the new emo Wendy, along with jokes about her "makeover."

Altpress, an LA-based music magazine, tweeted, "what is we... kissed outside the emo wendys?" which the Wendy's official account responded with "then we'll dance 2 fallout boy by the drinks machine".

Wendy's currently operates more than 6,500 restaurants in 30 countries, according to its website. The company made its official debut in the UK earlier this year as it looks to continue its global expansion. 

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