• Walmart has attempted to calm the chaos of Black Friday with new maps and rearranged stores.
  • But inside the stores on Thursday evening, things looked as crowded and hectic as ever.
  • Some shoppers are complaining that Walmart’s creation of a “maze” is making Black Friday shopping take even longer.

Black Friday at Walmart looks just as wild as ever, despite the retail giant’s best attempts at calming the chaos.

Every year, Walmart tweaks its Black Friday game plan in an attempt to better deal with the crowds that mob its stores starting on Thanksgiving Day.

This year, adjustments include rearranging stores to funnel customers to registers and highlight popular items. The new arrangements mean new color-coded maps, printed in Walmart’s circulars and, for the first time, available for reference on its app. And to avoid lines, customers can check out with certain employees throughout the stores.

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But the revamp hasn’t fully solved the Black Friday chaos. A look at social media shows that across the US, Walmart stores – which kicked off sales at 6 p.m. – are as crowded and intense as ever.

Some shoppers said the “maze” Walmart created was part of the problem.

But at least one Walmart Black Friday innovation this year has been welcomed with open arms.

“Check Out With Me,” a feature allowing shoppers to check out with employees with mobile devices in the busiest sections of its stores, is a hit with customers – if they can find the workers.

Still, for the most part, chaos – or at least crowds – reigned at Walmart.

But for many shoppers who got their hands on Black Friday deals, the hectic scene was worth it.


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