• A Tesla's Autopilot system appeared to confuse a horse-drawn carriage for a truck, a video shows.
  • The video, by YouTuber RealRusty, also seems to show the carriage being identified as a car and a human.
  • It's unclear whether Autopilot's designers have accounted for historic forms of transport.

A video posted by a Tesla driver appears to show his car's Autopilot system confusing a horse-drawn carriage for a truck.

The video, posted by Swiss YouTuber RealRusty, shows his Tesla approaching a horse-drawn carriage on a highway outside Zurich, Switzerland, before it's misidentified as several other modes of transport.

The system appears to briefly identify the carriage as a car, a human, a human walking behind a car, a human walking behind a truck, and as a truck on its own.

At one point, when the carriage is apparently misidentified as a truck, Autopilot shows the "truck" spinning around as if it's destined for a head-on collision with the Tesla.

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"We were driving in our Tesla Model Y when this horse-drawn carriage appeared in front of us. Unable to pass, we stayed behind and watched as Tesla's visualization tried to spot it," RealRusty told ViralHog

He added: "Starting with a motorcycle, to a car, to a truck backing up, it was all there! Fortunately, we recorded it all with the smartphone."

Tesla didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Tesla's Autopilot function is designed to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects in the car's vicinity, and take evasive action if needed.

It's unclear whether Autopilot's designers included a horse-drawn carriage as one of the vehicles the system can detect.

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