• The vegan “fish” is made from banana blossom.
  • It is marinated in seaweed, samphire grass, and spices for 24 hours to give it a “fishy” flavour.
  • Sutton and Sons in Stoke Newington sell the vegan fish and chips for £7.50 takeaway.

Sutton and Sons in Stoke Newington, London is selling a vegan “fish and chips” made with banana blossom, seaweed, and samphire.

“The banana blossom’s kind of like an artichoke once it’s peeled and it’s got kind of a fishy texture as well,” owner Daniel Sutton told Business Insider.

“We marinate it in spices and then we add a little bit of seaweed to give it that sea, fresh flavour. We marinate it for 24 hours, simply batter it like we would do with a normal piece of fish, and serve with large chunky chips.”

The dish is served with a vegan, egg-free tartare sauce. It costs £7.50 takeaway or £8.50 eat in.

We got a vegan and meat-eater to try. Watch the video to see what they thought.

Produced and filmed by Claudia Romeo

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