• A couple got married at the same airport where they first met four years ago.
  • Stephani and Jeff Hamilton tied the knot at Indianapolis International Airport last month.
  • The newlyweds first met on a Southwest Airlines flight in 2019, WRTV reported. 

Two strangers who met on a flight to Boston got married at the same airport where they first met four years earlier.

Stephani and Jeff Hamilton, the now-married couple, separately boarded a Southwest flight to New England at Indianapolis International Airport in 2019, WRTV reported

"He was on his way back from a weekend visit with his daughters, and I was on my way out for just a very quick — I think I was only out there for maybe 72 hours trip out to New England," Stephani told the outlet. 

Stephani was sitting in a window seat near the back of the plane when Jeff sat in the middle seat next to her, the report said. Jeff, who prefers to sit in the front of the plane, boarded late, so the seat next to Stephani was one of the few seats left.

As Stephani was about to put on her headphones in, Jeff asked, "So what are you doing going to Boston for?" The question sparked a three-hour conversation on the plane, per the outlet. The conversation continued for the couple during their first date just hours later.

"We talked all through dinner. Sat and talk some more. Until finally, one of the servers came up and said, 'We closed an hour ago,'" Jeff said, per WRTV.

The couple tied the knot at Indianapolis International last month.  Southwest also blended a hand in the ceremony – making the newlyweds a wedding cake and upgrading their seats so they could board first on their honeymoon flight to New England, according to the report. 

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