• Former President Donald Trump is itching to announce his 2024 bid, WaPo reports. 
  • Trump could announce before the midterms and as early as September, sources tell the Post. 
  • One person close to Trump told the Post it's "70-30 he announces before the midterms." 

Former President Donald Trump is anxious to announce his 2024 presidential bid and could launch his campaign as early as September, the Washington Post reports. 

In recent weeks, Politico and the Post report that Trump has met with top donors and supporters around the country in informal, off-the-record "kitchen cabinet" style dinners, where donors and allies have discussed the midterms and a potential Trump 2024 campaign.  

Trump is getting his campaign apparatus geared up for 2024, the Post reported, including building a staff and a website. 

One person close to Trump told the Post it's "70-30 he announces before the midterms." 

Trump initially considered announcing in July, possibly on July 4, but backed off of that plan, Insider previously reported. But advisers and allies are divided on how early Trump should announce a campaign. 

"If Trump is going to run, the sooner he gets in and talks about winning the next election, the better," Sen. Lindsey Graham told the Post. "It will refocus his attention — less grievance, more about the future."

Others, however, fear that an early Trump announcement could hurt the GOP's chances in the 2022 midterms. 

"Of all the selfish things he does every minute of every day, it would probably be the most," one Republican strategist, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the Post. "Everything we are doing that is not talking about the economy is going to be a disaster."

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